Friday, January 8, 2010


by © Clyde James Aragon

After reading in my local paper yet another glowing article about the 'Progressive' Movement, I have to ask, what's so progressive about it? What do they even stand for?

Freedom? Turning our medical system over to government bureaucracies will lead to more freedom? Letting the EPA control CO2 will lead to more freedom? Our Obama nose rings should come with perfume sprayers so we aren’t overwhelmed by the stench of tyranny.

Lower Taxation? In order to pay for socialized DemocratCare, we're going to see tax increases for four years before we see any benefits, meanwhile our Congress can pretend to balance the budget with this money and allow themselves some more middle-of-the-night spending sprees. The coming cap-and-trade legislation will be another tax increase on rich and poor disguised as an environmental palliative. And printing money to pay for trillion dollar deficit spending only devalues the money, robbing all of us, and thus acts as yet another tacit tax increase.

American Sovereignty? Standing behind the scam tree of climate change/global warming/bad CO2, Progressives would turn America's environmental laws over to United Nation's control so that not only would the first step toward world government be taken, we could be forced to pay global reparations for our past success. There's nothing like watching our constitution turned into recycled toilet paper.

National Security? Amidst the Obama spending spree, the only budget cut I saw was at the expense of our military. You remember them? The ones who defend us, die for us, and fill up Arlington Cemetery for their efforts. After feigning outrage at troop deaths under President George W. Bush, these Progressive sheep in wolves clothing said nothing while Americans shed their blood in Afghanistan waiting for Barack Obama to make a decision on General Stanley McChrystal's request for more soldiers. With friends like these, who needs Al-Qaida?

Technological Prowess? The whole purpose of life under Progressives is the acquisition of health care and the preservation, at any cost, of the environment, thus, technology would not be needed for anything else. Plus, we're now seeing the government dictating executive pay which will further discourage anyone from starting or running a business. Making bosses pariahs and declaring profit an obscenity should combine to finish off capitalism and personal industry.

Happy Society? Political correctness frowns on everything. You' re chastised even if you compliment someone. And if that doesn't work, thanks to Progressive hate speak legislation, prepare to be sued for your humorous remarks, looks, or snorts. Irony may make a comeback.

After 200 years of being in business, government should be getting OUT of our lives not creeping back. Instead, Progressives want us to further worship it. We're headed toward a nation of men without manhood and women without brains who will be more than glad to wait patiently for a permission slip to head down to the bathroom of life.

Progressives? Bah! Unprogressives is what they are and what they should be called.
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graphic © Clyde James Aragon & licensors. All rights reserved