Thursday, February 11, 2010


by © Clyde James Aragon

Sometimes I wonder why Barack Obama is marching the United States down the path of destruction with his trillion dollar budgets and insane laws like cap-and-trade that would rob us of our money and our freedom.
As we go deeper and deeper into a financial hole that will take generations to get out of, you've got be asking yourself Why? What is the reasoning behind profligate spending and laws so obviously bad even a blind man could see their end results.

What is the endgame of this governmental madness we find ourselves in? What is Obama trying to do? Who's on the other end of his Blackberry and what are they telling him? Are the controlling powers that be trying to remake America into some kind of socialist paradise? Or are they trying to make sure America is never again a threat to the world as they want to see it?

There may be a theological explanation to what's happening. Perhaps God is fed up with the repudiation of His existence and authority by the Democrat Party most noticeably in their use of the phony "separation of church and state" concept (as though one could shut off his morality the minute he stepped through the front door of the Capitol building). Maybe He has had enough of the Democrat glorification of abortion, the acceptance of using baby bodies for stem cell experiments, the pushing of gay marriage at every turn, and their using Welfare to sap the industry and will of people who should be looking after themselves and their families without government handouts and has hit upon a quiet plan to rid us of this cancerous political party which appears to have been co-opted by Communists, Socialists, and every nut case on earth who envies and despises our freedom.

You might think, in observing his actions, that Barack Obama is at his core a very bad man. But it could be that he is merely an instrument, a divine device, a useful idiot for our Lord who is showing us Representatives and Senators who won't listen to their constituents even at Town Hall meetings they've called themselves, who conduct business behind closed doors and late Saturday nights when they hope no one is paying attention, and who lather themselves in political hubris by taking an I-know-better-than-you attitude on national legislation and spending.

Yet you've got to wonder how a virtually unknown man with no experience in business or government, shows up in Congress for a few months, topples a bevy of Democrat heavyweights in primary after primary, and is elected President of the United States. Rather than curse or bemoan his actions, maybe he's been sent from on high to open the eyes of the American people to the evil that is the current Democrat Party.

Maybe God's a Republican after all.

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