Tuesday, February 9, 2010


by © Clyde James Aragon

New Mexico, like most states run by Democrats these days, is greedy, corrupt, and broke.

Our legislature meets yearly in January and, seeking to allay a current state budget deficit of over a half billion dollars in one of the poorer states of the union, rather than cut back spending to a useful degree or trim workers from our bloated government. Taxes, taxes, taxes are the only words of the day in Santa Fe.

One idea from a local politician is, of course, the old standby of raising cigarette taxes, and in this case, a dollar a pack. Picking the pocket of the one group that's pariah and friendless is the usual move when governmental money problems come along as is the motive, in this case, the faux concern for smokers' well-being to justify this money grab.

There's something about our politicians constantly bringing up 'sin' taxes to pay for their idea of government that just has to stick in your craw. They seem to know so much about our sins yet they blindly ignore their own.

For instance:

*** The sin of overspending - like a spoiled child in a candy store, our representatives in Washington want everything they see and, thus, have spent us into a 12 trillion dollar national debt. Plus, Mr. Obama has come out with a 2010 budget which features a $1.56 trillion dollar deficit. I'd like to spend at this rate but if I did, the guy from the big screen TV store would come down and break my legs.

*** The sin of junketeering - Nancy Pelosi has spent over a million dollars a year the past two years forcing our Air Force to fly her entourage all over the planet. We taxpayers are also picking up her hundred thousand dollar bar tab as she flies the friendly skies.

*** The sin of not looking after the store - while our Congress deliberated for over a year on a socialized medical plan, the Russians recently announced they now have a stealth jet of their own. In this, you're looking at a coming problem for the very security of our country. Maybe these jets can be shot down with insurance forms.

*** The sin of political scandals - In August 2005 the FBI seized $90,000 in cash from the home freezer of William J. Jefferson (D-LA) for which he was convicted of 11 counts of bribery and sentenced to 13 years in prison. Back in 1974, Rep. Wilbur Mills (D-ARK), the chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, was forced to resign after his carousing with swimming stripper Fanne Foxe got out of hand and into the press. On November 28, 2005, Duke Cunningham (R-CA) pleaded guilty to accepting at least 2.4 million dollars in bribes and fudging on his income taxes. You'd think all these grown-ups we send to Washington could keep their noses clean. You'd think.

*** The sin of throwing away taxpayer money on boondoggles - we're spending billions of dollars on light rail systems across the country which, after being built, continue to lose billions of dollars a year in running them. Look at my home state of New Mexico where our legislature is struggling with a half billion dollar deficit, virtually the entire amount that's been spent building and subsidizing our Rail Runner system to date, plus we're also building a spaceport. The only thing our New Mexico government hasn't got around to building is a time machine transit system. (Oh, God, why did I open my big mouth!)

*** The sin of running for one office while still in another - Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, Evan Bayh, Christopher Dodd, Joe Biden all kept their day jobs while moonlighting as presidential candidates. Obama and Biden eventually did have to resign after being elected to the presidency but, look, if you don't like your current job and want a new one, do the honorable thing: quit and get out of our pocket. The only politician I can remember who ever resigned from his job to run for president was Bob Dole, a man you've got to respect just for that.

*** The sin of elitism - knowing what's best for us in the face of massive opposition such as our Democrat-majority congress trying to shove a socialized medical system down our throat that we plain don't want. Or forcing environmental rules on us to the point we can't drill for oil and gas, mine for useful metals, cut trees down for lumber or heating, drive our cars without air bags full of environmental guilt, or heat our homes with anything less than a bank of candles.

And finally, to the list, the most egregious political sin of all:

*** The sin of calling things a sin. How can politicians who demand separation of church and state turn around and use a religious concept such as 'sin' to justify their tax plans? I suppose once you learn to swim in the cesspool of hypocrisy that's modern Washington, D.C. your moral conscience never bothers you again.
It's high time we the people take our duties as citizens more seriously and start examining the 'sins' of our politicians. And the best tax we can place on them is a good boot out the door.
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" - http://fullfrontalstupidity.blogspot.com/