Wednesday, March 31, 2010


by © Clyde James Aragon

In September 1, 1939, Adolph Hitler sent actual tanks rolling into Poland to take it over. It was messy, involved the help of the Russians, and many Poles died in the fighting.

Now, here in America, we're seeing the same thing, the capitulation of an entire country under attack by a dictatorial force in Barack Obama and his communist party. But instead of the gunpowder and lead that would have been used if the Democrat Party really was serious about getting things done, they're using a much more civilized item: human emotion and, in this case, the most basest of all emotions, envy and jealousy to achieve their goals.

The Chosen One is justifying the take over of a sixth of the U.S. economy via Obamacare by calling the entire health care issue a quest for human rights and everyone in the way of stopping Obamacare a worthless, greedy bastard. And, man, has it worked so far!

Because once you reduce everything to a quest for human rights, anyone standing in the way of goods and services has just got to be plain avaricious. Not to mention heartless, cold, and cruel.

Thus has Mr. Obama and his buddies mounted a quite effective war against Capitalism by turning business into the devil incarnate. And the whiny goat people who currently graze upon the face of America have whole-heartedly swallowed everything they hear issuing through Obama's non-moving purple lips.

Banks, insurance companies, real estate businesses and car companies have been vilified for their flagrant greed. Many are now under the protective and watchful eye of the government. They're setting prices, rates, and we now even have a pay czar to make sure no one is paid too much by government sensibilities.
This same envy can be used to take over virtually every other industry in America:

The Clothing Industry - why do I have to $40 for a pair of jeans. Clothing is an essential human right and the greedy retailer and manufacturer (who by the way is exploiting the people overseas who work in jeans sweat shops for pennies a day) are standing between us and total nakedness. The government should make sure I have soft cotton on my tush.

The Tent Industry - damn it, housing is a basic human right. Because greedy tent manufacturers are making unconscionable profits, some people even have to -gasp!- sleep in the back of their truck camper! The government should guarantee I have a roof over my head when I'm in the forest. I'm not an animal, after all.
The Paint Industry - warm colors and freshly-painted walls are a basic human right that keeps us well and happy. The government should make sure I have paint, brushes, masking tape, rollers, and plastic tarps to make my house a fit place to live.

The Computer Industry - the Internet, software, printers, modems, scanners, and all peripherals are a basic human right that keeps us abreast of technology and day-to-day communications. The government should provide us all with a laptop of our choice and a decent backpack to carry it around with.

The list goes one and on. Let's see, what else do I need that I don't want to pay for? Well, it's a basic human right to have decent canvas footwear, UV-blocking sunglasses, pedal steel guitars, spiral-cut hams, bottled water, staplers, cherry sodas, roller skates, binoculars, plasma TVs, airline tickets, three-piece tailored suits, and mountain bikes.

In fact, everything in life should be given to me free of charge because it's my basic human right. And all those greedy companies with their unconscionable gouging profits should be forced to provide me and everyone reading this article with everything we want at a loss. And if they don’t want to, then the government should take those companies over and run them the way our Founding Fathers would have wanted them run.

It's the new American way.

Right? Right!

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