Thursday, May 20, 2010


by © Clyde James Aragon

I think that Arizona, in the interest of interstate cooperation, should take the high road in this immigration controversy by offering to ship any illegal aliens they arrest to California, Santa Fe, the White House, Massachusetts, and any town or city in America that has shown a willingness to set aside the immigration laws for their crusade for human rights. Stimulus money could be used and this could become a boon to the transportation industry. Our airlines, railroads, and buses, currently begging for customers, will busily ply our national byways with new fares.

I'm sure concerned Progressives everywhere would be willing to take in a family or individual and house and feed them for a few years as Progressives are quite the humanitarians. Perhaps they could even have a little contest to create a Sanctuary Home logo that would not only show who was in it but how worried the owners of that abode are over these people.

It seems unfair that Arizona alone should keep all these illegal immigrants to themselves so I know that unselfish Progressives, Democrats, Liberals, and Socialists everywhere will soon be stepping forward to ask for their fair share of these people. In fact, I'm sure the demand will become so great we will have to ration them, perhaps holding drawings to see who gets them. Riots might even break out at dispersion centers and it's quite possible that the call for warm bodies could become so large we may even demand that Mexico and other countries step up the pace in sending us more.

It's possible that Arizona might be able to turn a few bucks in this arena. Illegal alien tourism could become the next rage what with tour groups coming in to see illegal crossing points, actual arrests, and ICE holding areas. And tourists just love to buy overpriced trinkets.

But in looking at all the pluses involved in exporting illegal aliens all over the country, the one that stands out the most has to do with all those empty guest rooms, attics, cellars, and garages we have at our disposal. With illegals in the house no more will the deafening sound of silence pervade our semi-vacant homes. The never-ending patter of feet will lull us to sleep at night and awaken us in the morning.

As we are now well into redistributing wealth, so should we be redistributing people.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


by © Clyde James Aragon

In the past year or so the Republican Party has acquired the sobriquet of the 'the party of no' for standing up to the socialist lunacy Mr. Obama and members of his party want visited upon this nation. However, if you look at the record, it's really the Democrat Party that should be given that title. Look at their list of NOs:

NO you can't have your taxes cut, NO you can't have smaller government, NO you can't have a balanced budget, NO you can't have less government intrusion into your life, NO you can't expect to hear God mentioned in the public schools, NO you can't have an end to abortions you're forced to pay for with your tax money, NO you can't have an enforced immigration policy, NO you can't define marriage as between a man and a woman, NO you can't have a reasonable foreign policy, NO you can't expect the Constitution to be followed to the letter, NO you can't demand that we stop apologizing to other countries, NO you can't have personal responsibility, NO you can't have less government regulations, NO you can't cut welfare payments especially to those here illegally, NO you can't have secure borders, NO you can't have a common language, NO you can't have a military focused on victory, NO you can't have a free enterprise system that's free, NO you can't have a gun, No you can't make us stop hassling Arizona, NO you can't expect us to do what you want us to do even though you tell us what to do, NO you can't know what's in legislation until it's passed and can't be repealed or changed, NO you can't have strong support for Israel, No you can't call terrorist terrorists, NO you can't ask that when people buy a home they have the financial wherewithal to afford it, NO you can't have government accountability, NO you can't see your own doctor, NO you can't have an end to blackmail-for-bailouts, No you can't have anything less than European-style Socialism, and NO you can't have all the liberty you think you need.

Everything else, I believe, falls into the 'maybe' class...

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