Thursday, September 16, 2010


Recently, Martin Heinrich, the man who purports to represent me and the rest of my New Mexico district in the House of Representatives, refused to debate his Republican challenger Jon Barela on KOAT-TV. In this case, Mr. Heinrich was trying to confine the debate to questions he could honestly answer, which these days seems to be limited to his name and age.

This is rather typical of New Mexico's Democrat politicians and from what I read on Liberty Maven, the Internet, and in newspapers, about what you can expect of them wherever you live in our wonderful country. While adroit at stabbing us in the back with every tax and regulation they dream up, darn if you can find them whenever you want them to explain their actions.

So if your congressional representative is like Mr. Heinrich (and he can be of either party as I see them these days), may I proffer a few questions you might ask if you suddenly run into yours in a restaurant, an elevator, or an airport candy shop:

Why did you pass Obamacare without reading it (and if you say you read it, why did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi say "it had to be passed to see what was in it")?

Why, under Obamacare, after being told Americans could keep the insurance they like, are seniors being forced to switch Medicare prescription coverage because the federal government is eliminating choices for them?

Why did you lie to us about the real cost of Obamacare which changes with every CBO report?

Why did you pass a near-trillion dollar stimulus package that, instead of being used to create jobs, has been used to prop up bloated governments across the country?

Why, before the stimulus was passed, were we promised, cross-my-heart-or-hope-to-die, that unemployment would absolutely, positively stop at eight percent?

Why have U.S. tax dollars (actually, more American debt on our children's backs) been used to rebuild Islamic mosques in foreign countries?

Why is the Justice Department being used as a political truncheon to harass and silence any state or person who disagrees with the Obama administration?

Why do you even want to consider passing job-killing cap-and-trade legislation?

And, finally, Mr. Representative-who-I-never-ever-see-in-this-state-unless-you’re-running-for-re-election, could you please explain to me how trillion dollar deficits are going to help this country?

Remember these simple queries, my friends, because running into elected officials by accident may be the only way we ever come into contact with the gods of Washington.

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