Friday, December 23, 2011


In the past few years I have been openly critical, even downright churlish, in regards to our President Barack Obama. I have lambasted his economic policies, socialized medicine plan, foreign apology statements, and inept leadership. But perhaps I have been too harsh. Maybe there are a few silver linings in the dark clouds of gloom he has blown over this nation. And I as I look over his record and its effect on my life, yes, there are many things to be thankful for these days.

Take unemployment. At the beginning of his administration, Mr. Obama boldly promised that if his stimulus plan was immediately passed, the jobless rate would never exceed eight percent, Today, as it hovers between nine and ten percent and as they count people who've given up looking for a job as employed, we reap the blessings of his foresight. Re-wording an old song, 'when I had a job, my pockets did jingle'. Now, as those pockets are empty, they last longer. No large quarters, pompous nickels, or shy dimes to tear them apart. In fact, all of my clothing from assembled-in-Mexico pants to Chinese shirts lasts longer without money or pocket protectors wearing things out.

One great thing about being unemployed, is I no longer have a job I have to go to. That means sleeping late on cold mornings and doing the siesta on hot summer afternoons. No frozen jalopies or sweltering cars for me. No, sir. And the great thing, people who DO have to get up every morning and trudge to work are working for ME. My unemployment check arrives like a Capistrano swallow every week. My only complaint is having to go down to the bank to cash my unemployment check. What a hassle to have to stand in line with one or two people in front of me.

Another fantastic aspect of the Obama Administration is that, thanks to his way of mulling over issues, you can blame others for your problems. Used to be people looked down their noses at grown-up crybabies. Now they're celebrated like foreign dignitaries. Lose your home? Blame the banks. Repossessed your car? It's avaricious General Motors fault. Can't afford a tin of gourmet coffee? Pull out your index finger from its pocket holster and aim it squarely at any grubby grocer you pass. Have to buy an aspirin? It's Big Pharma's fault you have to wait until they're on sale to bring a bottle to the checkout counter. Even if you break into your neighbor's house you'll get a pass. It's society and the economy's fault!

Finally, of all the many things I will give thanks for this year, perhaps the best of all is that I no longer have to deal with friends of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist persuasion. Do you know how good it feels not having to listen to their childish prattle at their dull parties? The Obama Administration is worth its weight in gold for having given me the courage to jettison the entire lot. No longer do I have to walk in to someone's home and hear them boast that they've bought a new antique roadster or Amish end table or Irish toaster. What a relief. Shee, you don't see me go all Lady Gaga every time a polyp busts out on my neck, do you?

Well, President Obama may be doing many things, he may be tanking the economy, he may be creating a whole universe of disdain for us ugly Americans all around the world but, darn it, there are still a few things he's given us that's made life worth looking forward to aside from November 6, 2012.

Bless him for that.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011


As Occupy Wall Street and its myriad offshoots wind down for the winter, its presence has excited a sector of the economy that's been in the doldrums ever since gasoline hit two dollars a gallon. That sector is the domestic tourism industry.

One of the things we've learned from the Occupy Wall Street crowd, aside from civil unrest being a great way to get your face on TV, is that once you've become feared and encamped in a public place, no one wants to move you. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles issued several mild requests asking the protesters of Occupy Los Angeles to leave but few chose to heed his pleas. On November 30 he summoned the courage and threw them out. Likewise, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York tried all manner of cajolement over weeks to get Occupy Wall Street people to exit Zucotti Park. Finally, on November 17 he had to pull them out like a bad tooth. These scenes were repeated in city after city with eviction notices being backed up by police truncheons.

Now this may seem like the Occupy movement has been sent packing and in a way it has but it also means that the many civic centers, town plazas, and public parks where demonstrators milled about are deserted and ready for Re-Occupation!

Look, we've had many Occupy franchises operating like Occupy Wall Street in New York, Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Baltimore, Occupy Boston, Occupy Houston, Occupy Albuquerque, etc. etc. etc. Through the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and who-knows-what an entire recreation system has been inadvertently created. With a little tweaking we have the start of the new Occupy America Travel Reservation Network where, with a few clicks of the mouse, you'll be able to contact whatever city you want to visit and reserve a coveted downtown spot for your camping gear.

Of course, you'll want to book your destinations early. Some towns and cities fill up faster than others and at certain times of the year. For example, Occupy Phoenix may be great in the January but you may not want to be there in August. And who doesn't want to be in Occupy D.C. in springtime when the cherry trees are flowering?

Now there are many advantages to traveling under the protest banner of Occupy America. Some of the great deals include never having to clean up after yourself before you leave like you might have to in a state or federal campground. When the visitors at Occupy Los Angeles were cleared off in November, they left behind 30 tons of garbage. And get this, they didn't have to pick up a thing! Same with the 70 dump trucks of trash from Occupy Portland's campsite and 26 loads they hauled away from Occupy Wall Street's Zucotti Park. All the clean up done by grateful local municipalities glad to see them go. Is this a great country or what?

Also, you get round-the-clock security. The police are always stopping by to check things out and see how things are going. Sometimes they even go undercover and dress like an Occupy tourist just to satisfy themselves that no one is in any danger. Sweet, huh?

But, as an Occupy America traveler, you do have to act the part. You can't just pull up to some city in your Winnebago, plug your TV into a wall socket, roll out the recliner, and start enjoying yourself. No, you need to have a cause to protest against while you're there and the equipment to make yourself heard. Otherwise people might think you were a homeless person or, worse, a Tea Partier.

Get in the spirit, put batteries in the bullhorn, make a tie-dyed T-shirt or, better, break out the cardboard and write a message on it outlining your outrage against your favorite outrage. Maybe you wan to complain about the lack of bicyclists on the road, or about the outrageously high price of dog shampoo at the pet store, or, the one concern that has so many Americans up in arms these days, the use of chicken as an ingredient in the pepperoni of frozen pizzas. Chicken? What the hell are these people trying to do? Poison us?

So, for the traveler, Occupy America stands to take the stress out of vacations. And when you get down to it, isn't that what at least 99 percent of us want?
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Thursday, November 3, 2011


As Occupy Wall Street flexes its protest muscles and President Barack Obama continues his crusade against the rich, the affect on wealth in this country is becoming more and more visible in the entertainment industry and, especially on television game shows. The wealthy, neo-pariahs in a society which used to encourage hard work, personal effort, and thrift, are cause for the re-tooling of many of today's popular give-away programs. And this displeasure with pelf will be enforced by all-Occupy Wall Street audiences.

For example this is what you'll soon be watching when you sit to wolf down that TV dinner of yours:

Meredith Viera, is the sprightly daily host of Who Really Wants To Be A Millionaire? In this game, contestants start out with a million dollars and work diligently at answering questions until their fortune dwindles to nothing. IRS agents are on hand to take them to jail in handcuffs should they have anything left.

Cash Cab has found a new voice and a new way of conducting business on the streets of New York. Driven by stand-up comedian Ben Bailey, he asks a series of questions and, should the riders reach an unacceptable threshold of winnings (the dollar value hidden, of course, from the contestants), they will be dropped off in a seedy part of town where they will be accosted by angry homeless people who have an ax to grind against society.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White continue their hosting duties at Wheel of Misfortune. Spinning a large wheel which has various outcomes such as Personal Bankruptcy, Bitter Divorce, Expensive Medical Problem, or Homeowner Lawsuit. Woe it be to those who hit the spots offering a new Kia car or an all-expensive trip to Hawaii. Irate audience members will be allowed to throw poison darts at departing winners.

You're In Jeopardy Now flings smart people against a board of clues. As players win more and more money by answering the clues with a question, electrical shocks via their hand-held buzzers increase in intensity until they reach a high enough voltage, they electrocute the wealthiest contestants. A fitting end to the greedy rich. Alex Trebek asks, "Who deserves a hearse?"

You have to guess the correct cost of items if you want to win in The Price Is Wrong hosted by the amiable Drew Carey. Time and again contestants will be asked how much an item owned and used by rich people might cost. Things like caviar, Dom Perignon champagne, Gucci shoes, Mercedes automobiles, and Picasso paintings confront and confound guests who have no idea what their value might be. Should one guess correctly, it will be assumed they are a member of the wealthy class and will be held in stocks until the show is over.

Poor Family Feud, Let's Not Make A Deal, Minute To Lose It, and the return of an old fave Just Beat Up Ben Stein And Take His Money will top off your day of television watching.

Thanks to our newfound loathing for the rich, TV will finally reach its lowest common monetary denominator.

by © Clyde James Aragon

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


In watching the drama of the Occupy Wall Street crowd endlessly drawn out over the past few weeks by TV, radio, and the press, I'm beginning to wonder if this anti-capitalist cabal isn't really our own mainstream media dressed in drag and mouthing off what they really think of this country instead of having to go to the trouble of slanting the news.

I mean, they're following them around with their cameras and recording equipment and literally egging them on in their exploits. Without media coverage, this crusade would have disappeared in a few days. Propped up by the media, it continues on ad nauseum. Curiously, this kind of attention would never have been given the Tea Party movement.

It's gotten so blatant, I wouldn't be surprised if our diligent reporters and journalists didn't have to be surgically removed from the seats of the dirty pants crowd.

by © Clyde James Aragon
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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well, once again a high-ranking Democrat is going to get away with murder. In a recent plea deal with the state, Public Regulation Commission bad boy Jerome Block Jr. won't have to serve a minute in jail for his thievery. And he's managed to get his dad added to that amnesty. And, and, and he gets his criminal record expunged if he completes the terms of his agreement.

The only inconvenience for him is that he may have to pay restitution which means he'll get the standard Greg Solano (the ex-sheriff of Santa Fe) discount, a pittance of what he cost us honest taxpayers.

The worst part in this affair, though, is that the curtain behind which state attorney general Gary King operates has fallen and we see him for the glorified mafia lawyer he is.

As I say, the state motto of New Mexico ought to be: Come for an illegal driver's license, stay for the Democrat corruption.

by © Gilbert Aragon

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Monday, October 24, 2011


The Albuquerque Journal, the morning newspaper for Albuquerque and a few other parts of New Mexico, had on Sunday October 24, 2011 an editorial calling for our state Legislature to open political primaries to independent voters. My response to their nonsense:

As a lifelong independent, I disagree with the Journal's editorial opinion that independents be allowed to vote in political primaries. No one twisted my arm to go the independent route and I don't expect any sort of preferential treatment for having done so.

In spite of your claim that at primary time, political parties are taken over by "extremists", a rather elitist slap at the face of many of your readers, there are a lot of reasons for becoming an independent from a deep internal intellectual debate to following the herd think of public school ignorance. The worst reason, of course, is following the old canard that all parties are alike, that all politicians alike, a view I've heard all my life and that is simply dishonest and wrong.

It would be unfair and unreasonable to saddle political parties with candidates they have not chosen and who may not even have the same beliefs as their party members. I mean, to allow independents to dictate the fate of political parties would be like demanding that vegans have a say in creating McDonalds menus or atheists editing church sermons.

Besides, as a free speech and free association issue, it is none of the Legislature's business (or the Journal's, either) how political parties conduct their business. What you're calling for is a new way for even more political dirty tricks to be added to our political system.

The only reason I can see for this newfound concern for elections by the Journal is that a great amount of these independents are coming out of the Democrat Party. And one way to continue along the liberal/progressive road to hell we're on is to dilute the power of the Republican Party in this state.

Sorry, Albuquerque Journal, but to claim that self-disenfranchisement is a problem is like saying that because I don't have wine for dinner, it should be added to the drinking water so as to help out the state's vintners.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Obama dies and suddenly finds himself in front of the Pearly Gates. It's St. Peter's day off and God is manning the front desk.

God looks him over and says, "Before you can enter Heaven, you have to prove you're worthy of being here. What major accomplisments did you do in life."

Obama thinks for a moment and then says, "Well, I gave everybody a really expensive health care system. I apologized for America and I badmouthed Israel. I took over the banks and the car companies and the insurance corporations. And what I'm most proud of, I taxed the tar out of all the greedy millionaires and billionaires."

God pulls out a big cigar and lights it up with a thousand dollar bill. He takes a long, satisfying puff.

"Excuse me," He says. "What were you saying about millionaires and billionaires?"

by © Clyde James Aragon
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Two cups were sitting on a bar counter when a fight broke out between two men. Punches were thrown and it was pretty even until one of them picked up a beer stein and knocked out the other with it. In fact, he hit him so hard, the beer stein lodged on the side of the unconscious man's face.

One cup nudged the other, pointed at the beer stein, and said, "Will you get a load of that guy's mug!"
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Sunday, August 21, 2011


The government provides their children with free breakfast, the government provides their children with free lunch, and, in some states, the government provides their children with free dinner.

If they take advantage of various school drives, they can get free school supplies, free coats and clothing, and, come Christmastime, free toys.

The government provides their children with free health care, eyeglasses, and dental care. The government provides their children, through their family, with subsidized housing and, in winter, can even get their heating bill paid for by the government.

So what exactly is expected from today's modern Welfare parent?

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Why does the media keep trying to convince us that the stimulus spending program was about creating jobs? Looking at where the money went, it should have been called the Government Preservation Act. It handed out life preservers to bureaucrats so they wouldn't drown in the economic toilet we find ourselves in today.

Sadly, you have a president, a Democrat Party, and a willing public that no longer much believes in private enterprise, capitalism, hard work, or even personal freedom. You can see where this country's going and it ain't gonna be pretty.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


In watching the ever-changing drama of the Osama Bin Laden killing, we are given yet another example of why Democrats make lousy leaders. From Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama, we've gone from The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight to The Gang Who Couldn't Lie Straight. And at the rate things are going, by the end of the month, the story line coming out of the White House will be that it was Bin Laden's Avon lady who was actually killed in the raid and that he and Saddam Hussein escaped in a camouflaged rickshaw.

In this morass, the American people, as usual, are stuck trying to gather accurate information from conservative talk radio, the British press, and WikiLeaks.

And to add fuel to the fire is the behavior of our own pathologically-insane news media which is working overtime to make the job of our nation's military even harder by playing up the possibility that Bin Laden was unarmed. To them I ask, how many Americans killed on 9/11 were armed?
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Thursday, April 7, 2011


How ironic that the Legislature of the state of New Mexico just passed a law making synthetic marijuana illegal while only a few years ago having made medical marijuana available to the public.

One can only conclude that they were trying to do one of three things: 1) push more organic products; 2) cut out the competition; 3) try to outlaw 'cannibals'.

Given the Progressive nature of New Mexico, perhaps they were only trying to ease the pain that will soon be inflicted on us through Obamacare.

by © Gilbert Aragon/Clyde James Aragon
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Like a hibernating bear, Albuquerque's water cops have awoken to Spring weather to harass and threaten the city's homeowners. As usual, they are out telling us to use less and less water poised at any moment to get out their ticket book and start issuing fines for water waste which they define as water running in the street and sprinklers on between certain hors during the day.

Which is all nice, as who wants to see water wasted after all. However, the biggest waster of water continues to be the City of Albuquerque with rotting water pipes everywhere at the ready to break and spew away their precious liquid. Not to mention the City's watering of curbs and sidewalks as they strive to make asphalt grow in our parks. Oh, and let's not overlook their street median program which places water-hungry plants and trees in the middle of our roads.

The City of Albuquerque doesn't want us to use water but it's more than happy to use all it can pump.

But just say for a minute they really meant all this. What's the reason for making us turn off the faucet? As far as I can see, it's so they can continue to grow the city and bring in more businesses and more people who will continue to use more water. And then the city will harass us even more over our water usage so they can continue growing this city as they see fit.

I've yet to see any benefit from bringing in more people. We get higher and higher water bills, our property taxes keep rising, our streets get more crowded, our schools get lousier, our crime rates continue to rise.

Maybe it would be a godsend if Albuquerque did run out of water.
by © Clyde James Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity"

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


As calls to close nuclear power plants mount due to our propaganda Main Steam Media working overtime to scare the living daylights out of us over the safety of nuclear energy, what do we have left to heat our homes? Coal? That's too messy and creates too many greenhouse gases. Natural gas? But we have to go out into our untapped national forests and drill for it there and that just annoys the hell out of our forest friends, the marmot AND the gray squirrel. Oil? Well, we just went through an horrendous oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico in which highly-paid television professionals actually got their hands wet picking up cups of seawater which proved that the oil was destroying the fecal matter off the coast of Louisiana. So what's left? Really?

You could try wind turbines but they won't cut the mustard because they need the howling winds caused by global warming (which will go away as soon as we're all forced to walk to work). Solar panels depend on pure, clean sunshine which will not be available because the non-global warming environment will only make clouds appear all across the earth and block this precious natural electrical resource.

So what's left?


Yes, my friends, the much maligned and snickered at sweater is the only thing standing between us and a certain frozen death this next winter. Without coal to run our power plants and create the electricity to power our space heaters and compact fluorescent bulbs, without nuclear power plants to also provide us with that same electricity, without gas to heat our homes and cook our non-organic burgers, and without fuel oil to burn in our heaters we face the terrible dilemma that we could get cold. The thought should terrify every man, woman, and child who wants to get a decent night's sleep in this country of ours.

The sweater, the last national treasure we can use without being called a racist or a selfish consuming machine is the only thing left that may save us and, perhaps, the rest of mankind from a frozen genocide. With or without pockets, this comfortable article of clothing will be able to fend off the coldest of days and the frostiest of nights. And it's stylish, as well, in a grandpa-like sort of way.

But what could we make them out of? Cotton? Well, we have to divert water to keep endangered silver minnow and carp from becoming extinct so that's out of the question. Acrylic fiber? Again, that's made out of oil and you know what that causes. Wait, wool! No, that's exploiting animals and PETA would be on our backs in a heartbeat branding us all heartless animal-killing bastards. There's naval lint, but that would be too hard to collect, what with privacy rights and all.We can't really make proper sweater fiber out of recycled paper but maybe we could knit them out of string. Certainly, this is a nation held together by string.

Yeah, the string sweater. And in the summer we would all wear string bikinis.

On second thought, forget about it. We're doomed. Make out your last will and testament, pick a nice shady spot near a tree, and go to sleep in the snow.

by © Clyde James Aragon
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Friday, February 18, 2011


Michelle Obama dies and seconds later finds herself before Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates.

"Michelle," says Saint Peter, "in order to get into heaven, you have to tell me one good thing you did for humanity."

"Well," says Michelle, "I made all the kids in public schools eat healthy foods."

"Like what?" asks Saint Peter.

"Like broccoli and spinach and celery and tofu."

Saint Peter takes out a huge jumbo Snickers bar, unwraps it, and takes a big bite.

"Go on," he says.

by © Clyde James Aragon
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Thursday, February 17, 2011


It is a true disgrace to read that General Motors is giving workers there big bonuses at the same time the American taxpayer still hasn't been repaid the billions of dollars that were loaned to them after their bad management and greedy union workers ran the company into the ground.

And worse, when you see congressional delegations everywhere acting like they know nothing about what occurred. Here in New Mexico, too, not a peep from Jeff Bingaman, Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, Ben Lujan, or Steve Pearce over this baloney. Our congressional delegation is as utterly useless as every other state's.

Until General Motors, really Gimme Motors, repays the money they took from us, we will continue to buy Fords.
by © Manuel T. Aragon/Clyde James Aragon
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I'd like to nominate New Mexico's state senator Tim Jennings of Roswell for a Razzie for his idea of dumping more taxes onto the backs of the New Mexico taxpayer to keep funding the so-called movie industry here at its current 25 percent film production rebate. As Burt Ward would have told Adam West, "Holy rip-off, Batman!"

Do he and all the other "powerful lawmakers" in the Legislature have any brains at all? Thanks to this genius and the rest, we're a half billion dollars in the hole paying for the money-sucking, money-losing Space Port, Rail Runner, and every backyard museum someone somewhere has sitting around. And, by golly, they want to keep this status quo by further funding this cinematic rat hole.

If you believe in the hallmarks of America: private industry, private companies, free-market capitalism; then the state should get the hell out of the movie business. These mooching Hollywood movie companies are, after all, private corporations and they should get their own money themselves. For decades it's worked that way until geniuses like Mr. Jennings came along to bribe them into New Mexico to do work they were doing here all along.

We've had many movies made here in New Mexico without the need for taxpayer funding. And it's a good thing. If "Easy Rider" had been filmed in Taos today, our tax money would have been used to pay for a drug-and-sex orgy for the film crew and the accompanying munchie wagon that would have fed them. Now its being used to pay the bloated salaries of Hollywood reprobates and local ham actors.

Besides, what are we getting for our money? Many of the movies made with our tax dollars have been ultra-violent low audience dreck, featuring the sexual morality of alley cats. We even, in this state where drunk driving is a major problem, cheerfully funded "Beer Fest", a movie about binge drinking. My God, what idiot would fund such a movie? Well, I'll tell you, a New Mexico idiot, that's who.

As anyone can see, far too much of our tax money is being used to undermine the strong religious principles of many New Mexicans. Thomas Jefferson said it best, "To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical ". Of course, in New Mexico you can't normally tell the difference between tyranny and stupidity.

Let the private movie industry go its own way. New Mexico government and its legislative bosses should focus their energies on their normal duty: overseeing our incredibly incompetent and wasteful state bureaucracy.

by © Clyde James Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" -
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Now that the New Mexico state legislature is being urged on to investigate the recent natural gas crisis we just went through, you know they will take up the call for if there's anything our politicians here savor more than spending the money in their constituents' wallets, its grandstanding before the public.

But, along with executives of New Mexico Gas Company and PNM, they also should be calling members of the news media to explain their behavior in this event. And especially TV news reporters for, as I see it, a good deal of our problems came about because of their highly-biased, anti-utility company coverage.

The first thing I heard on TV at the outset was finger pointing. "Who dropped the ball?" one asked, never mind the horrendously bad weather they were having in Texas where much of our extra gas supply was going to come from or their rolling brown-outs there making it nearly impossible to ship the gas through pipelines.

And then they began ratcheting up the air of panic they were creating. They interviewed everyone they could find who could bellyache, gripe, and weep before the cameras. This was kept up constantly day in and day out.

Governor Susana Martinez was affected by this and irrationally sent the National Guard down to Taos. What did the National Guard know about natural gas distribution or starting up heaters and appliances properly? They were just getting in everybody's way The Governor also demanded hourly progress reports as though that were going to solve the crisis. Truly bizarre behavior brought about solely to appease the crying heads on TV.

Further, because the gas company employees found themselves in this state of panic, I don't think they were thinking things out properly. They ran down to Taos and elsewhere trying to do things willy-nilly with no set plan, also trying to show they were on the job and get the griping news media mouths off their backs.

Then the media set its sight on missed press conferences and public meetings. Frankly, why should they have gone. This would have been another opportunity for smarmy reporters to try to make them look bad and, as far as, public gatherings, why would they go just to be cussed at. The TV news would have really loved this as they could have shown angry people shouting out and embarrassed gas officials trying to answer their queries.

Not that the gas and electric companies are blameless. They showed themselves to be horrendously inept and clueless on handling a situation they should have been prepared for. Damn right they have plenty to answer for.

But how is anyone supposed to act coolly and professionally when you have a 24-hour screaming news media on your back, picking sides, finger-pointing, and making a bad situation infinitely worse. And in this, I never a saw a single report on overworked gas and electric company workers who were away from their homes and families. It was as though they were no more than beasts of the field to most media talking heads.

This crisis made me realize that the news media, especially TV, is a desperate type of insect which feeds off all the hate and confusion it can create. This wasn't news coverage at all but, rather, anti-corporate propaganda doled out by people who neither understand gas or electric distribution and its attendant problems, and who shoot off their mouths to make it seem they are intelligent.
by © Clyde James Aragon
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Sunday, January 30, 2011


What a show of insincerity the media is putting on these days as Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday approaches. They belittled him from the day he took the presidential oath to the day he left the White House. He was called stupid, thick-headed, a cowboy, a war monger. Comedy shows mocked him every chance they could. News anchors looked upon him with disdain at his every move.

Now, as they see that they can make money off his memory with themed magazines and advertising sales on Reagan tribute shows, these same media hypocrites praise him for his courage and leadership.

I'll wager we'll see the same sudden respect for George W. Bush from this lot some day.

Sorry, but to be praised by scoundrels is not to be praised at all.

by © Clyde James Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" -

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