Friday, February 18, 2011


Michelle Obama dies and seconds later finds herself before Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates.

"Michelle," says Saint Peter, "in order to get into heaven, you have to tell me one good thing you did for humanity."

"Well," says Michelle, "I made all the kids in public schools eat healthy foods."

"Like what?" asks Saint Peter.

"Like broccoli and spinach and celery and tofu."

Saint Peter takes out a huge jumbo Snickers bar, unwraps it, and takes a big bite.

"Go on," he says.

by © Clyde James Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" -
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Thursday, February 17, 2011


It is a true disgrace to read that General Motors is giving workers there big bonuses at the same time the American taxpayer still hasn't been repaid the billions of dollars that were loaned to them after their bad management and greedy union workers ran the company into the ground.

And worse, when you see congressional delegations everywhere acting like they know nothing about what occurred. Here in New Mexico, too, not a peep from Jeff Bingaman, Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, Ben Lujan, or Steve Pearce over this baloney. Our congressional delegation is as utterly useless as every other state's.

Until General Motors, really Gimme Motors, repays the money they took from us, we will continue to buy Fords.
by © Manuel T. Aragon/Clyde James Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" -
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I'd like to nominate New Mexico's state senator Tim Jennings of Roswell for a Razzie for his idea of dumping more taxes onto the backs of the New Mexico taxpayer to keep funding the so-called movie industry here at its current 25 percent film production rebate. As Burt Ward would have told Adam West, "Holy rip-off, Batman!"

Do he and all the other "powerful lawmakers" in the Legislature have any brains at all? Thanks to this genius and the rest, we're a half billion dollars in the hole paying for the money-sucking, money-losing Space Port, Rail Runner, and every backyard museum someone somewhere has sitting around. And, by golly, they want to keep this status quo by further funding this cinematic rat hole.

If you believe in the hallmarks of America: private industry, private companies, free-market capitalism; then the state should get the hell out of the movie business. These mooching Hollywood movie companies are, after all, private corporations and they should get their own money themselves. For decades it's worked that way until geniuses like Mr. Jennings came along to bribe them into New Mexico to do work they were doing here all along.

We've had many movies made here in New Mexico without the need for taxpayer funding. And it's a good thing. If "Easy Rider" had been filmed in Taos today, our tax money would have been used to pay for a drug-and-sex orgy for the film crew and the accompanying munchie wagon that would have fed them. Now its being used to pay the bloated salaries of Hollywood reprobates and local ham actors.

Besides, what are we getting for our money? Many of the movies made with our tax dollars have been ultra-violent low audience dreck, featuring the sexual morality of alley cats. We even, in this state where drunk driving is a major problem, cheerfully funded "Beer Fest", a movie about binge drinking. My God, what idiot would fund such a movie? Well, I'll tell you, a New Mexico idiot, that's who.

As anyone can see, far too much of our tax money is being used to undermine the strong religious principles of many New Mexicans. Thomas Jefferson said it best, "To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical ". Of course, in New Mexico you can't normally tell the difference between tyranny and stupidity.

Let the private movie industry go its own way. New Mexico government and its legislative bosses should focus their energies on their normal duty: overseeing our incredibly incompetent and wasteful state bureaucracy.

by © Clyde James Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" -
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Now that the New Mexico state legislature is being urged on to investigate the recent natural gas crisis we just went through, you know they will take up the call for if there's anything our politicians here savor more than spending the money in their constituents' wallets, its grandstanding before the public.

But, along with executives of New Mexico Gas Company and PNM, they also should be calling members of the news media to explain their behavior in this event. And especially TV news reporters for, as I see it, a good deal of our problems came about because of their highly-biased, anti-utility company coverage.

The first thing I heard on TV at the outset was finger pointing. "Who dropped the ball?" one asked, never mind the horrendously bad weather they were having in Texas where much of our extra gas supply was going to come from or their rolling brown-outs there making it nearly impossible to ship the gas through pipelines.

And then they began ratcheting up the air of panic they were creating. They interviewed everyone they could find who could bellyache, gripe, and weep before the cameras. This was kept up constantly day in and day out.

Governor Susana Martinez was affected by this and irrationally sent the National Guard down to Taos. What did the National Guard know about natural gas distribution or starting up heaters and appliances properly? They were just getting in everybody's way The Governor also demanded hourly progress reports as though that were going to solve the crisis. Truly bizarre behavior brought about solely to appease the crying heads on TV.

Further, because the gas company employees found themselves in this state of panic, I don't think they were thinking things out properly. They ran down to Taos and elsewhere trying to do things willy-nilly with no set plan, also trying to show they were on the job and get the griping news media mouths off their backs.

Then the media set its sight on missed press conferences and public meetings. Frankly, why should they have gone. This would have been another opportunity for smarmy reporters to try to make them look bad and, as far as, public gatherings, why would they go just to be cussed at. The TV news would have really loved this as they could have shown angry people shouting out and embarrassed gas officials trying to answer their queries.

Not that the gas and electric companies are blameless. They showed themselves to be horrendously inept and clueless on handling a situation they should have been prepared for. Damn right they have plenty to answer for.

But how is anyone supposed to act coolly and professionally when you have a 24-hour screaming news media on your back, picking sides, finger-pointing, and making a bad situation infinitely worse. And in this, I never a saw a single report on overworked gas and electric company workers who were away from their homes and families. It was as though they were no more than beasts of the field to most media talking heads.

This crisis made me realize that the news media, especially TV, is a desperate type of insect which feeds off all the hate and confusion it can create. This wasn't news coverage at all but, rather, anti-corporate propaganda doled out by people who neither understand gas or electric distribution and its attendant problems, and who shoot off their mouths to make it seem they are intelligent.
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