Monday, October 24, 2011


The Albuquerque Journal, the morning newspaper for Albuquerque and a few other parts of New Mexico, had on Sunday October 24, 2011 an editorial calling for our state Legislature to open political primaries to independent voters. My response to their nonsense:

As a lifelong independent, I disagree with the Journal's editorial opinion that independents be allowed to vote in political primaries. No one twisted my arm to go the independent route and I don't expect any sort of preferential treatment for having done so.

In spite of your claim that at primary time, political parties are taken over by "extremists", a rather elitist slap at the face of many of your readers, there are a lot of reasons for becoming an independent from a deep internal intellectual debate to following the herd think of public school ignorance. The worst reason, of course, is following the old canard that all parties are alike, that all politicians alike, a view I've heard all my life and that is simply dishonest and wrong.

It would be unfair and unreasonable to saddle political parties with candidates they have not chosen and who may not even have the same beliefs as their party members. I mean, to allow independents to dictate the fate of political parties would be like demanding that vegans have a say in creating McDonalds menus or atheists editing church sermons.

Besides, as a free speech and free association issue, it is none of the Legislature's business (or the Journal's, either) how political parties conduct their business. What you're calling for is a new way for even more political dirty tricks to be added to our political system.

The only reason I can see for this newfound concern for elections by the Journal is that a great amount of these independents are coming out of the Democrat Party. And one way to continue along the liberal/progressive road to hell we're on is to dilute the power of the Republican Party in this state.

Sorry, Albuquerque Journal, but to claim that self-disenfranchisement is a problem is like saying that because I don't have wine for dinner, it should be added to the drinking water so as to help out the state's vintners.

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