Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well, once again a high-ranking Democrat is going to get away with murder. In a recent plea deal with the state, Public Regulation Commission bad boy Jerome Block Jr. won't have to serve a minute in jail for his thievery. And he's managed to get his dad added to that amnesty. And, and, and he gets his criminal record expunged if he completes the terms of his agreement.

The only inconvenience for him is that he may have to pay restitution which means he'll get the standard Greg Solano (the ex-sheriff of Santa Fe) discount, a pittance of what he cost us honest taxpayers.

The worst part in this affair, though, is that the curtain behind which state attorney general Gary King operates has fallen and we see him for the glorified mafia lawyer he is.

As I say, the state motto of New Mexico ought to be: Come for an illegal driver's license, stay for the Democrat corruption.

by © Gilbert Aragon

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