Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's pathetic watching the childish, infantile, spoiled brat, chicken dropping attitude on display by the Democrats at the Greedy Roundhouse. They apparently still haven't gotten over the fact that New Mexicans freely elected a Republican to the Governor's mansion and in their feeble way are trying to make life miserable for her by not confirming her nominees to run the many departments in state government, never mind that they rubber stamped any creep former governor Bill Richardson dragged into this state.

And why is that great 'gentleman' Ben Lujan blocking her initiatives like getting rid of the crooked everybody-gets-a-drivers-license law and doing something about our public schools passing third grade illiterates? In case he's forgotten, we taxpayers are paying for this sulking stupidity.

Enough's enough. This collection of crybaby Democrats needs to be thrown out this November along with a few state supreme court judges.

They work for us NOT the Democrat party.

by © Clyde James Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" - http://fullfrontalstupidity.blogspot.com/
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