Saturday, May 12, 2012


HOTEL DE FOOLS, text of the complete comedy stage play by Clyde James Aragon, is now available for upload to your Kindle at

HOTEL DE FOOLS is a full-length two-act stage play comedy. The action takes place in the lobby of the Hotel de Foels and revolves around the unseen corpse of a Mr. Thompson who is found dead in the hall. The hotel happens to be the site of the first annual Detectives United for Humanity convention (DUH) and its three members (Ascot, Payday, and Wormwhistle) spring into action trying to figure out who killed the man. There are three guests in the hotel: the beautiful Marta and her younger, homely sister, Esmeralda; and the awning salesman, Wally Bing. Along with the hotel owner, Maxwell Foels who is perpetually plagued by telephone callers making fun of his hotel's name; there is his insecure bellhop, Anthony; overworked cook, Mrs. Vargas; and enamored janitor, Hector. From the author of those OTHER Kindle books "Abandon All Hope -cheerful humor for impossible days" and "No Sharp Edges".