Friday, July 27, 2012


Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico and yesterday having gone to the public forum regarding the roundabout which will be built at the intersection of Rio Grande and Candelaria NW (in spite of a half-hearted attempt by the City employees to pretend it was not a done deal, I mean, they had a rough start date and completion date), I was struck by the total dishonesty of the set-up.

First, in the grand tradition of City preparation, it was held in a room designed for 80 people even though it had been advertised in the paper and on a mobile billboard on Rio Grande and there were people banished to the outside.

Secondly, the people running the show came prepared with no sound system for us to hear and, after spending a half hour setting up chairs and showing us a movie, gave us a half hour to comment, not nearly enough time although they did suddenly pull an extra half hour out of their hat to let us talk. And talk we did but I'd say they received far more public criticism than the adulation they were expecting.

Thirdly, where was Councilor Debbie O'Malley? She sent a non-talking proxy apparently not wanting talk to us face to face. She could have at least pried her herself from under her desk at City Hall and come down. And where was Mayor Berry? He shows up on TV every day promoting every spending project he can come up with. Not even a non-talking parrot representative from him.

And make no mistake, this is another city spending project to justify positions and salaries downtown. It will cost us taxpayers a half million dollars in local funds and it will cost us taxpayers another million dollars in federal funds to build this 'circus' as one woman called it. (Is it just me or does it seem immoral to be taking money from a federal government which is already trillions of dollars in arrears? Our unborn grandkids just gotta love us for this.)

Maybe I've grown old and cynical but these bureaucratic charades leave me screaming inside with such a feeling of powerlessness. Anyway, I left the meeting and drove through this deadly, soon-to-be-dissected intersection. Strangely enough, I survived the excursion to write this letter.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Say what you want about Egypt and their newly-elected Muslim Brotherhood government. Here in the United States we've been running under a brotherhood for several years now - the Progressive Brotherhood which had taken over Congress in 2006 with the majorities in the Senate and House. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were the first sign of what was to come and finally, with the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the takeover was complete. We've had milk and honey ever since.

So what is the Progressive Brotherhood you might ask. I'd say it's an unholy alliance of progressives, liberals, leftists, socialists, marxists, communists, anarchists, atheists, anti-capitalists, environmentalists, gay activists, radical feminists, politically-correct multiculturalists, anti-constitutionalists, animal rights advocates, Occupy Wall Street freeloaders, moral relativists, legalize drug militants, vegans, vegetarians, Spandex-butted bicyclists, hedonists, left-wing university professors, third worlders, mainstream media liars, libertines, and roues.

Stay tuned, things are only going to get better under them.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Thanks to the incompetent and hideous judicial ruling of Chief Justice John Roberts and the liberals on the Supreme Court we can now clearly see the direction we're all headed. Given all the IRS agents that are being hired and the immense build-up of bureaucratic parasites that are going to be needed to enforce Obamacare, it looks like America will become a nation whose sole purpose will be for half the population to keep it's eye on what the other half is doing.

Who would have believed that it would take less than three years to rip asunder what we had created in 200 years all with the willing aid of brainless women and testicle-deficient men. And the once-venerated can-do attitude of Yankee ingenuity has been replaced with an empty, resigned Welfare mentality.

Big Brother would never, in his most outlandish schemes, have dreamt this possible.

by © Clyde James Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" -
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