Monday, October 8, 2012


It's interesting to see that Hugo Chavez has once again been re-elected to the presidency of Venezuela using the time-tested methods that Democrats in this country have used to stay in power since Franklin Delano Roosevelt pioneered the process - namely using the national treasury to bribe their way back in office.

Skillfully doling out purloined oil revenue, Chavez easily bought the loyalty and the vote of the Venezuelan poor and ignorant, ensuring the Venezuelan poor and ignorant that they will remain in that state as long as Socialism is the law of their land. In this, U.S. Democrats defer. Here, our politicians use taxes and borrowed Chinese money to accomplish the same purpose, pumping out plenty of Welfare cash. Unlike Mr. Chavez, though, they have no qualms about reducing the dollar to a quivering mass of overprinted nothingness.

Year after year and election after election this profligate Democrat spending strategy has been shown to work.

And like my grandfather used to say, "People are like cows. If you feed them they won't go out and look for food."

America has become a nation of cattle.

by © Clyde James Aragon

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