Friday, November 16, 2012


Over the past week I've seen plenty of articles written about what Mitt Romney and the Republican Party did wrong in losing the presidential race. Given that most of these have come from Democrat pundits and knowing how much they despise Republicans I wondered why they even bothered to write these op-eds in the first place. You'd think the demise of the Republican Party which they helped to accomplish would be satisfaction enough.

But even the leaders of the Republican Party began to opine the same thing although here in New Mexico it was pretty obvious what happened. State GOP Chairman Monty Newman and his cadre of mystery Republican county chairmen once again pulled their election year disappearing act. If it wasn't for fundraising and campaigning by Governor Susana Martinez and the individual efforts of Republican candidates the party's fate would have been worse.

Interestingly the party of Lincoln which freed the slaves lost to the party which beckoned them back into bondage with welfare checks, food stamps, and Obama phones. Like Rush Limbaugh said, "Who can compete with Santa Claus?" even if this Democrat Santa Claus only offered moral and cultural poison. Hey, but it's free poison.

It's not that the Republican Party has changed in its attitudes or ideals but, rather, that the American people have. I worked early election and Election Day and got to stare straight into the face of what America has become. And that face is ugly, ignorant, and very very frightening.

Most of the time as I was at my election job I felt as though I had been transported directly into the horror movie "Night Of The Living Dead" only instead of decaying corpses, these were living, breathing Democrat Zombies standing before me demanding to vote for Barack Hussein Obama. Not the bonds, or the constitutional amendments, or any of the other candidates on the ballot just Barack Hussein Obama. What was frightening about it was that the fate of our nation depended upon this public, a citizenry so stupid many couldn't even fill out the ballot. Some lacked the intelligence to fill in the little circle with their black pens, a few check-marked their choices, and still others double voted on many ballot questions.

One woman didn't even know that several judges were up for retention. One fellow asked me what he should vote for on the amendments and bonds and all I could tell him is that he was the voter and it was up to him to make that decision. Another man declared loudly that he voted for all the bonds because "they always pass any way". Ya think?

Democrat Zombies were happy to announce to one and all of their voting preference and old and young, smartly-dressed and sloppy, tall and short paraded past my work station tossing off their uninvited envious, anti-rich, anti-business asides all the while revealing their hypocritical religious crosses dangling from their necks oblivious to what damage they were about to do to this country.

I can't really blame these Democrat Zombies, though. After all, the Democrat Party has done an enviable job of taking full control of the Triumvirate of Propaganda: the mainstream media (sure there are a few conservative voices out there but seeing their recent effectiveness they probably ought to be called 'classic talk radio'); public schools and universities (where you have many of the mostly openly anti-America people in the country protected by unions and tenure sourly teaching our children); and the entertainment industry (which is a talented bowl of wall-to-wall perversity).

No political party, not the Republican, Libertarian, Constitution, or whatever party, could have defeated the ideological and giveaway juggernaut that is the modern Democrat Party this past Election Day. And so I printed out ballots and bit my tongue and bided my time until the whole process was over.

If there's anything I took away from my experience is that Charles Darwin was wrong. The Democrat Zombie is proof positive that monkeys evolved from people.

by © Clyde James Aragon

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