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It's interesting to ponder that the people who recently voted here in Albuquerque against the anti-baby killing measure that sought to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy because they didn't want the government interfering in their personal health decisions are the same people who'll soon be rushing out to sign up for Obamacare.

What the residents of Albuquerque need more than charter amendments are working consciences.

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“We will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. Period.” Barack Obama, June 15, 2009

If any salesman or insurance agent had made such a bold and clear promise and then reneged on it as we are seeing with Obamacare, you can bet your bottom dollar that every state public corporation regulation commission, every state insurance board, every state attorney general would be lined up at the nearest courthouse to file fraud charges against such an individual. Yet absolutely no movement is being seen at the state level.

Hell, Barack Obama SHOULD be charged with insurance fraud. Along with his co-conspirators Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who have helped perpetrate this insurance Ponzi scheme on America.

Like the wizard in The Wizard Of Oz, the Insurer-in-Chief stands unperturbed behind the curtain, his visage magnified by the Liberal Media. Yet, when stripped of this facade, the sleight-of-hand is there for all to see.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013


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Republicans Barack Obama Can Blame:

Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Chester Alan Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush

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My uncle, Gilbert Aragon's letter to the editor:

Yesterday, after reading and watching reports regarding our government's shutdown, I felt compelled to contact my elected representative over this issue. I would have called Senator Martin Heinrich but, unfortunately, he has been wooed away by the sparkling waters of the Potomac Basin and no longer resides here. So I called Senator Tom Udall's office here in town and was immediately transferred to his Washington, D.C. answering machine.

Now, I have spoken to the senator's answering machine many times. It is, much like President Obama's teleprompter, informed, caring, well-heeled, at the ready to leap into action. I spoke to Mr. Udall's answering machine for quite some time, impressing upon it the dire nature of our present predicament and that something had to be done. I knew I got my message across for when I was finished, it beeped in response to my goodbye.

I am glad I called and feel confident that our voices here in New Mexico are being heard. I think Senator Udall is just as concerned about our opinions here in New Mexico as is his answering machine.

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Monday, September 30, 2013


My friend Nilda Cepero, Florida's Poet Laureate (I say), has just released a new book of Spanish stories, Mas Alla Del Azul, stories written with a poet's sensibilities:

An excerpt from the story: La vie en rose

Admiré su cuerpo bronceado por el sol; de la clase que nos agrada tocar: hombros anchos y cintura pequeña, con muslos y piernas fuertes y velludas. El cuello era como el tronco de una palma. Sus labios carnosos invitaban al beso. Me recordaba al David. Me deleité mirándolo...


What they're saying about Mas Alla Del Azul:

Nilda, who until now has only published poetry in English, has come out with her first book of short stories in Spanish: Mas Alla Del Azul. And I’m so glad she did. Her words are magic. Her stories: Mi mundo azul-My Blue World-, Paraiso-Paradise, La merienda-The Tea, and La vie en rose, are replete with sensuality and delicate eroticism.  She makes the reader want to experience life.
--- Jacques Canut (French poet)


In her new book, Mas Alla Del Azul, the stories are very imaginative and well-written.  I can see from her style that she must be a big fan of Hemingway. She seems to have adopted the concise, trim-the-fat style that he is so well-known for. Nilda gives just enough details to suggest a visual image , but never gets bogged down in the non-essential elements of the story. They all flow very well.

I can't really say that I have any favorites among the stories---I liked them all---but the ones that I feel reflected her own personal experiences, such as La Finca--The Farm--and El Intelectual, seemed to have more resonance for me. --- Henry Fiol, musician/writer


Nilda Cepero es poeta,cantante,fotografo,editora, narradora. Una artista que expresa sus emociones y su comprension de la realidad de diversas maneras y en todas lo hace muy bien, muy genuinamente. Mas Alla Del Azul es un valios libro de cuentos. Los que mas me gustan son los que estan recorridos por una clara sensualidad. Por ejemplo, La Merinda y La Vie En Rose. En los dos hay un grato erotismo, suave y disfrazado, pero, a la vez, calido, que el lector agradece. El libro muy bien pudo llamarse Mas Alla Del Placer.
--- Carlos Alberto Montaner, periodista y escritor. Su ultimo libro es la novela Otra Vez Adios


Find Mas Alla Del Azul at at:ás-allá-del-azul-Spanish/dp/1890953113/ref=sr_1_7

Published by House Of The Tragic Poet
Perfect Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-890953-11-9

Thursday, September 5, 2013


When Barack Obama went down to Capitol Hill to get authorization to strike Syria, he instead should have asked Congress to help pull his foot out of his mouth. His arrogant but inane foreign policy has given us this mess and, as well telegraphed as his defense of the Benghazi compound, the Assad military or the rebels or whoever is running the show down there have already moved and hidden the armaments they have.

A cruise missile attack now is only going to give the Syrian people a very expensive fireworks show paid for with borrowed Chinese money.

As a World War II veteran, I thank God every day that Obama wasn't running our defenses in that conflict or we'd all be speaking German, Japanese, and Italian today.

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Common Sense
Freedom Of Thought
Self Respect
Personal Responsibility

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Friday, August 23, 2013


The decision by the Dona Ana County Clerk (New Mexico) to start issuing marriage licenses to gays isn't as much about marriage as it is a power grab by a government official. And in that, he's following the example set by Barack Obama and Eric Holder in either trampling upon our Constitution or deciding to ignore their oaths of office to defend the legally-passed laws of this country.

There's little we conservatives here in the Land of Enchantment can do about it other than squawk. State Attorney General Gary King, defense attorney for the Democrat Party, isn't going to lift a finger and the Republican Party, no matter what they say and do, will soon be rolling over, exhausted after a short period of political exercise.

So taking a page from the Obama book of socialized government, the Dona Ana County Clerk is just doing what's been shown to work. The Democrat Party Press will salute him by keeping the criticism down and the op-ed praise up.

I used to hear the phrase, "America is a land of laws". Maybe it was then but nowadays it's a land of petty liberal dictators from judges to two-bit bureaucrats telling us how to live our lives, raise our kids, run our businesses, and even what to think.

This is America under Obamunism. And looking at the people around me who are the recipients of 200 years of prosperity under the freedom and capitalism afforded by our Constitution, not a single one gives a damn about losing this right.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Now that the Egyptian military has shown the gumption to oust the Muslim Brotherhood from power, oh that our own military would oust the Progressive Brotherhood here which is destroying America.

We need the same shackles removed from us as the Egyptian people had.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013


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Saturday, June 22, 2013


and now a word from my dad...

Having proudly served in the Navy aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Mead in World War II with some of the finest, loyalest, bravest, most patriotic sailors I've ever known, I am disgusted by the American traitor Edward Snowden who's been trying to claim he's exposing government monitoring of us citizens while safely ensconced in a Hong Kong hotel where he, no doubt, is singing like a canary to the Communist Chinese there. While I'm not naive enough to believe that our government is not above doing such things for whatever reason, cowardly hiding out in a hostile country is no way to warn Americans.

What makes me shake my head is how this land, so richly blessed by Providence, can produce such people as Mr. Snowden. Yet I have no further to look than our own public schools which are virtually silent on teaching our young people about the history of the United States, our accomplishments, and the gift of freedom which we have worked diligently over the years to spread to other countries. And to finish their ignorance, I watch our universities teaching not only disdain but outright hatred for this country, the lessons, to which, are reinforced by our biased liberal news media and in the words, songs, and movies of our nihilistic and amoral entertainment industry.

Every day I see the pioneering force of the individual losing out to the lethargic herd mentality of liberals and progressives. We're now a nation of Prides and Communities and Groups all tethered together to bellyache endlessly over the smallest slight. I'd say this sorry state began in the 1960s with the Hippies and has culminated in today's Welfare Generation in which deriding the Rich is mere pretext for having to stoop low enough to collect a Welfare check.

Sadly, I fear, things will get much worse before this America finally falls apart.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


In this day and age of revelations on government sifting through our e-mails, wiretapping journalists, and using the IRS to investigate conservative groups, the subject of aerial drones has been placed on the back burner of the media stove. Yet the question continues to simmer there and once in a while, Americans ponder the subject.

The average American still wonders what it means to have flying objects overhead peering down on him with cameras and electronic bugging equipment. He puts down his iced tea and asks: Is this constitutional? Why am I being observed? Should I clean up the backyard?

Well, don't worry your pretty little head off, worried citizen. Below are a few answers to the burning queries keeping you awake at night:

Q. Is drone technology legal when used to spy on innocent citizens? A. Of course it is. Currently, our government, your government, technically, The Government, is operating under the soon-to-be-passed "National Protecting America With Drones So Americans Have Nothing To Fear, Really Act".

Q. An unpassed bill? A. We're working the kinks out. Besides, you can't believe how many times we've opened up a government bill to find a huge piece of pork in it. We are determined not to let this happen except for the inclusion of a few Las Vegas parties as was suggested by the IRS, the enforcement agency for all drone programs.

Q. What if Congress refuses to pass the Act? A. The President can implement it through an Executive Order. It's all good.

Q. What about my rights? What if the Supreme Court calls this unconstitutional? A. Basically, you still have the rights of a person who is not here illegally. And these we will respect as soon as they have been defined by legislative statute. As for the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts, who used to have things to hide, has assured us rejection will never happen. He also believes drone surveillance is a type of tax. Kudos to Justice Roberts and how is Rex doing these days, Johnny?

Q. Aren't drones dangerous? Couldn't they come crashing down on us if things go wrong? A. Do not worry. Drones are very safe as they are made of a flexible Nerf material. Should they fall, you will hear a soft thud just before they burst into flames and disappear forever as evidence in a court of law. Aside from that, drones are environmentally-friendly. Their rotating propellers actually combat man-made global warming by cooling us, much like a room fan.

Q. But I'm an honest, hard-working, law-abiding American. What could the government be keeping tabs on me for? A. Tendencies.

Q. Tendencies? What kind of tendencies can you see from a drone high in the sky? A. Anti-government, pro-terrorist tendencies. Tendencies like gun ownership, cars in Church parking lots, heads bobbing around Republican rallies, and, especially, the purchasing of vanilla ice cream. The latter is particularly troubling as it reveals a resistance to change and a racially-bigoted attitude hidden, quite often, behind whipped cream and chopped nuts.

Q. But I buy Blue Bunny. A. Benny and Jerry's and Haagen-Dazs will get you off the watch list but definitely not Blue Bunny. What are you thinking?

Q. I'm a member of a local Tea party. I hear a constant whining sound from high above although I can't see anything. Is this drone surveillance? It's ruining my barbecues. A. While we can't divulge the names and addresses of those we keep an eye on, please be assured, we only spy on those who we feel pose a national security threat. By the way, instead of using that sweet, unnatural barbecue sauce, why not try a pork rub along with a generous sprinkling of sage next time you throw ribs on the grill? And mesquite wood gives everything an excellent flavor.

Q. I think my neighbor is spying on me with a drone. Is there anything I can do? A. As long as it's not a government drone, everything is fair game in the sky above your home. While we frown on the use of ground-to-drone projectiles, we have no objection to electronic jamming or high-powered lasers to disable overhead craft. Also, we see nothing wrong with your taking matters into your own hands with a drone of your own. In fact, entire neighborhoods have been entertained for hours with the maneuvers seen in daring drone dogfights.

Q. Are we going to have drones looking down on us forever? A. Heavens no! As soon as we're able to convert laptop and cellphone keyboards into listening devices there will be no further need for drones. So please contact your Congressional representatives and urge them to vote Yes! on the soon-to-be-passed "We Keep An Ear Out For Your Safety As You Type Act". Or the President will pass it with an Executive Order. It's all good.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013


It's weird watching Barack Obama act like he didn't know what was going on at the IRS and even weirder watching the Democrat Party Mainstream News Media pretend to believe him.

If Obama is not impeached or forced to resign over his abuse of power at the IRS and his gross negligence resulting in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi then America owes Richard Nixon one heck of an apology.

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Friday, March 1, 2013


It is strange to read and watch alarmist headlines and coverage of Pope Benedict's retirement. Though it is being spun as a crisis for the Catholic Church by the atheist liberal media (New Mexico's Albuquerque Journal newspaper included), there is no crisis, there is no worry, and there is no fear in us.

Our religious faith stems from a belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and NOT from the worldly trappings of mortal popes, great cathedrals, neighborhood churches, or secular holidays. Certainly it is good to have a religious leader such as a Pope for spiritual direction but in the end, a successor to Pope Benedict will be named and life will go on.

In all of this we easily see through the media spin and that the hypocrites who make up the liberal atheist media don't get it and never will.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Clyde James Aragon's one-act stage play comedy "THE ENTREPRENEURS" has been chosen to be read in San Antonio, Texas by Attagirl Productions this August 2013. The play is about seven famous Hispanic poets who gather together in Mexico in 1915 to start the kind of endeavor most artists only dream of — yes — a greeting card company!

For more information on the production, go to the Attagirl Productions website at:

The play is also available for the Kindle reader in the collection: "COMEDY IN THE SOUTHWEST - three Hispanic plays" at:


Clyde James Aragon's short humor film "THE ZOMBIE NATIONAL GUARD - America's final defense against supernatural chaos" has been selected to run at the 2013 Mad Monster Film Fest (March 22-24) in Charlotte, North Carolina. The six-and-a-half-minute film is a Sci-Fi Horror comedy. Synopsis: America is now in the protective hands of the Zombie National Guard, a clandestine security force that seeks to quell malevolent supernatural activity when or wherever it occurs.

For more information go to the Mad Monster Film Fest blogsite at:


Clyde James Aragon's full-length stage play comedy "HOTEL DE FOOLS" is the winner of The 2nd Annual McKinney Repertory Theatre New Play Competition. The play will premiere in McKinney, Texas on March 1, 2013 for a two weekend run. The play director is David Gutierrez.

For more information on the McKinney Repertory Theatre stage play production, go to the MRT website at:

The play is also available on the Kindle reader at: