Friday, August 23, 2013


The decision by the Dona Ana County Clerk (New Mexico) to start issuing marriage licenses to gays isn't as much about marriage as it is a power grab by a government official. And in that, he's following the example set by Barack Obama and Eric Holder in either trampling upon our Constitution or deciding to ignore their oaths of office to defend the legally-passed laws of this country.

There's little we conservatives here in the Land of Enchantment can do about it other than squawk. State Attorney General Gary King, defense attorney for the Democrat Party, isn't going to lift a finger and the Republican Party, no matter what they say and do, will soon be rolling over, exhausted after a short period of political exercise.

So taking a page from the Obama book of socialized government, the Dona Ana County Clerk is just doing what's been shown to work. The Democrat Party Press will salute him by keeping the criticism down and the op-ed praise up.

I used to hear the phrase, "America is a land of laws". Maybe it was then but nowadays it's a land of petty liberal dictators from judges to two-bit bureaucrats telling us how to live our lives, raise our kids, run our businesses, and even what to think.

This is America under Obamunism. And looking at the people around me who are the recipients of 200 years of prosperity under the freedom and capitalism afforded by our Constitution, not a single one gives a damn about losing this right.

by © Clyde James Aragon
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