Monday, September 30, 2013


My friend Nilda Cepero, Florida's Poet Laureate (I say), has just released a new book of Spanish stories, Mas Alla Del Azul, stories written with a poet's sensibilities:

An excerpt from the story: La vie en rose

Admiré su cuerpo bronceado por el sol; de la clase que nos agrada tocar: hombros anchos y cintura pequeña, con muslos y piernas fuertes y velludas. El cuello era como el tronco de una palma. Sus labios carnosos invitaban al beso. Me recordaba al David. Me deleité mirándolo...


What they're saying about Mas Alla Del Azul:

Nilda, who until now has only published poetry in English, has come out with her first book of short stories in Spanish: Mas Alla Del Azul. And I’m so glad she did. Her words are magic. Her stories: Mi mundo azul-My Blue World-, Paraiso-Paradise, La merienda-The Tea, and La vie en rose, are replete with sensuality and delicate eroticism.  She makes the reader want to experience life.
--- Jacques Canut (French poet)


In her new book, Mas Alla Del Azul, the stories are very imaginative and well-written.  I can see from her style that she must be a big fan of Hemingway. She seems to have adopted the concise, trim-the-fat style that he is so well-known for. Nilda gives just enough details to suggest a visual image , but never gets bogged down in the non-essential elements of the story. They all flow very well.

I can't really say that I have any favorites among the stories---I liked them all---but the ones that I feel reflected her own personal experiences, such as La Finca--The Farm--and El Intelectual, seemed to have more resonance for me. --- Henry Fiol, musician/writer


Nilda Cepero es poeta,cantante,fotografo,editora, narradora. Una artista que expresa sus emociones y su comprension de la realidad de diversas maneras y en todas lo hace muy bien, muy genuinamente. Mas Alla Del Azul es un valios libro de cuentos. Los que mas me gustan son los que estan recorridos por una clara sensualidad. Por ejemplo, La Merinda y La Vie En Rose. En los dos hay un grato erotismo, suave y disfrazado, pero, a la vez, calido, que el lector agradece. El libro muy bien pudo llamarse Mas Alla Del Placer.
--- Carlos Alberto Montaner, periodista y escritor. Su ultimo libro es la novela Otra Vez Adios


Find Mas Alla Del Azul at at:ás-allá-del-azul-Spanish/dp/1890953113/ref=sr_1_7

Published by House Of The Tragic Poet
Perfect Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-890953-11-9

Thursday, September 5, 2013


When Barack Obama went down to Capitol Hill to get authorization to strike Syria, he instead should have asked Congress to help pull his foot out of his mouth. His arrogant but inane foreign policy has given us this mess and, as well telegraphed as his defense of the Benghazi compound, the Assad military or the rebels or whoever is running the show down there have already moved and hidden the armaments they have.

A cruise missile attack now is only going to give the Syrian people a very expensive fireworks show paid for with borrowed Chinese money.

As a World War II veteran, I thank God every day that Obama wasn't running our defenses in that conflict or we'd all be speaking German, Japanese, and Italian today.

by © Manuel T. Aragon

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