Sunday, October 6, 2013


My uncle, Gilbert Aragon's letter to the editor:

Yesterday, after reading and watching reports regarding our government's shutdown, I felt compelled to contact my elected representative over this issue. I would have called Senator Martin Heinrich but, unfortunately, he has been wooed away by the sparkling waters of the Potomac Basin and no longer resides here. So I called Senator Tom Udall's office here in town and was immediately transferred to his Washington, D.C. answering machine.

Now, I have spoken to the senator's answering machine many times. It is, much like President Obama's teleprompter, informed, caring, well-heeled, at the ready to leap into action. I spoke to Mr. Udall's answering machine for quite some time, impressing upon it the dire nature of our present predicament and that something had to be done. I knew I got my message across for when I was finished, it beeped in response to my goodbye.

I am glad I called and feel confident that our voices here in New Mexico are being heard. I think Senator Udall is just as concerned about our opinions here in New Mexico as is his answering machine.

by © Gilbert Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" -