Thursday, January 30, 2014


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I read of Mr. Obama's decision to start ruling America by executive orders and I have to ask, was this his idea of 'transforming America'? Changing it from a Free Republic to a Socialist Dictatorship?

The evilness of this man and the blindness of America is breathtaking.

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The National Security Agency (NSA) has become an amazing collection organization for e-mails and phone calls. Sophisticated software they've developed even allow them to listen in on cellphones that are off, secretly watch others playing on-line games, and they can monitor every social media site imaginable. My brand-new Microsoft computer, on the other hand, will freeze up every once in a awhile and despite advertising itself as blazingly fast is about the same old speed as my old XP.

I say we got things all wrong and there's one simple way to correct things: the NSA should start writing Operating System software and Microsoft should be doing government spying.

Then everything would be just fine...

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Sunday, January 26, 2014



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Friday, January 17, 2014


The 2016 presidential election is just around the corner and it's not early enough to start wondering who might be the Democrat nominee for that office. While there are many names out there, most of them have their electability problems:

Joe Biden - too stupid
John Kerry - too rich
Howard Dean - too crazy
Antonio Villaraigosa - too unpronounceable
Hillary Clinton - too evil
John F. Kennedy - too dead

So I guess the Democrat Party will have to ignore the Constitution, which they're doing already, and run Barack Hussein Obama for another term.

That's what I expect to happen.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014


I found the Albuquerque Journal's January 16th cartoon of a child holding a rifle in front of a Sesame Street sign in the background and the caption, "Brought you by the letters N-R-A" quite offensive.

Especially since they are using the recent Roswell school shooting as an opportunistic excuse to try and drum up more hate against conservative groups. My God, they intimate that the NRA is somehow to blame for school shootings, especially as it now applies to Roswell's crime. To this, I ask: How? How did the NRA put a shotgun - not an 'assault rifle' - in the hands of that boy down there? How? How did they teach him to shorten the barrel? How? How did they show him how to hide such a weapon in order to get it into school? How?

I'm surprised the paper also didn't blame the Tea Party as they did with a recent nasty Journal editorial aside while complaining of city councilor Ken Sanchez' demand that Mayor Berry resubmit sitting appointees. Surely, the Tea Party, a loose collection of local and state organizations they know absolutely nothing about and are too lazy to look into, was also in on the Roswell shooting.

The Albuquerque Journal shamefully entertains the same liberal finger pointing you see and hear on every mainstream TV, radio, and print outlet out there. Yet if I was going to point fingers, I'd point it right at all of them for the unending 24-hour-a-day coverage they give sensational killings. They only breeds MORE copycat shootings. And I'd also finger point at violent video games, violent lyrics in today's music, and the ultra-violent action in virtually every contemporary Hollywood's movie which furthers any latent impulse to kill.

Rather than nasty cartoons and commentary, I would call for public investigations like we do for plane crashes, train wrecks, and ship sinkings. Investigations into why the Law was NOT followed when these horrific events occur. That would be far more productive than the coming liberal drivel about more meaningless gun control. The Law, properly enforced and followed, protects us all.

That's what we could use.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


You know how you can tell who's smoking those fancy electronic cigarettes? They're the people in the drugstore standing next to the vaporizer. And if they're into menthol flavoring, sometimes they'll ask the pharmacist to add a little Vick's to the water.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


and now a word from my uncle:

I got pretty disgusted reading the Albuquerque Journal article describing how the Democrats in the New Mexico state delegation want fixes to ObamaCare. They'd like to see some fine tuning.

We have a stagnant economy in this country, employers are afraid to hire anyone and when they do, they're part-timers to avoid the hassle and penalties of Obamacare. People are losing the insurance policies they liked after being lied to by Obama, canceled insurance is being replaced by more expensive plans with stratospheric deductibles and poorer coverage, and our delegation says we need 'fine tuning'? Do they live on Planet Stupid?

What's particularly galling is Senator Tom Udall's statement regarding 'affordable' health care, "I think most of our citizens agree that would be a good thing especially in a state like New Mexico." Really? When has he even talked to us New Mexicans? Both Udall and Senator Martin Heinrich don invisibility cloaks whenever they enter this state. They NEVER talk to us. They are more insulated from our opinions than uranium is of paper in the WIPP caverns at Carlsbad. Mr. Udall should start by standing before a town hall meeting and fielding honest questions instead of hiding under his desk.

Even the words from Representatives Ben Ray Lujan and Michelle Lujan Grisham ring hollow. Mr. Lujan says that during the time he spent in hospitals during his father's illness, he heard many health care horror stories. Apparently, though, he is deaf to the horror stories he himself has created by voting for ObamaCare. Ms. Grisham is also deaf to the wishes of her constituents by telling us, quite breathlessly, I'm sure, that "People don't want to repeal the Affordable Care Act". Put it to a vote, Madam Representative, and we'll show you what we really think about this legislation.

Sorry, Mr. Udall, Mr. Heinrich, Ms. Grisham, and Mr. Lujan but if you had READ the bill before you passed it, if you had CONSIDERED the bill before you passed it, if you had DEBATED the bill before you passed it, if you had voted on it in DAYLIGHT instead of in the middle of the night before you passed it, this country would NOT be in the mess you have created for us.

No amount of fine tuning can fix this over-priced load of Washington manure. Scrap it and replace it with a plan based on reality instead of Democrat Party fantasies.

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and now a word from my dad:

Watching the sudden concern for four-footed animals by New Mexico state attorney general Gary King over a proposed horse slaughterhouse, I have to wonder where has he been while cows have been slaughtered for years at the ranch of his dad, former Governor Bruce King? Why didn't he come forth while Bruce was alive and explain to him that what he was doing was wrong? I'm sure Gary King, who is acting like a most concerned vegetarian seeking both campaign funds and free publicity, should have protested loud and long to Bruce to stop the cow slaughter there in Stanley in favor of something more palatable like carrot slaughter or potato slaughter or turnip slaughter.

By the way, where is the King Ranch's operating permit, where is the King Ranch's environmental permit, and where is the King Ranch's wastewater permit? Seems to me our state attorney general has plenty of cow blood on HIS hands, too. God knows what else is being slaughtered over there and to ease our fears, where is the PETA seal of approval on the King Ranch?

Shouldn't Gary King be held to the same standards as the honest businessman he is harassing in Roswell?

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Monday, January 13, 2014


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Friday, January 10, 2014


I was reading how Barack Obama is promising to create 'Promise Zones' - areas which are victims of his socialistic, big-government, spend-whether-we-got-it-or-not economic policy. He is promising to pump more money into these areas or, rather, he is promising to give the Democrat governments there more money to pretend they're helping people.

Nevertheless, didn't he promise us that if we liked our health plans and doctors, we could keep them. Period. And didn't he promise us that with Obamacare, he'd cut the cost of a typical family's health insurance premium by up to $2,500 a year. And didn't he promise to secure our borders, create 5 million new green jobs, have the most transparent administration in history, close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center , and cut $4 trillion from the federal deficit?

Obama has been in office over 5 years now. We haven't progressed one inch as a nation. We have massive unemployment that the media pretends doesn't exist, capitalism is being replaced by envyism, socially we are devolving into a hedonistic, nihilistic, atheistic caveman society, and our most sterling accomplishment so far has been addicting more and more people to pot and Welfare. The future under him and his Democrat Party looks ever bleaker.

Haven't we had enough of Mr. Obama's promises?

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