Thursday, January 16, 2014


I found the Albuquerque Journal's January 16th cartoon of a child holding a rifle in front of a Sesame Street sign in the background and the caption, "Brought you by the letters N-R-A" quite offensive.

Especially since they are using the recent Roswell school shooting as an opportunistic excuse to try and drum up more hate against conservative groups. My God, they intimate that the NRA is somehow to blame for school shootings, especially as it now applies to Roswell's crime. To this, I ask: How? How did the NRA put a shotgun - not an 'assault rifle' - in the hands of that boy down there? How? How did they teach him to shorten the barrel? How? How did they show him how to hide such a weapon in order to get it into school? How?

I'm surprised the paper also didn't blame the Tea Party as they did with a recent nasty Journal editorial aside while complaining of city councilor Ken Sanchez' demand that Mayor Berry resubmit sitting appointees. Surely, the Tea Party, a loose collection of local and state organizations they know absolutely nothing about and are too lazy to look into, was also in on the Roswell shooting.

The Albuquerque Journal shamefully entertains the same liberal finger pointing you see and hear on every mainstream TV, radio, and print outlet out there. Yet if I was going to point fingers, I'd point it right at all of them for the unending 24-hour-a-day coverage they give sensational killings. They only breeds MORE copycat shootings. And I'd also finger point at violent video games, violent lyrics in today's music, and the ultra-violent action in virtually every contemporary Hollywood's movie which furthers any latent impulse to kill.

Rather than nasty cartoons and commentary, I would call for public investigations like we do for plane crashes, train wrecks, and ship sinkings. Investigations into why the Law was NOT followed when these horrific events occur. That would be far more productive than the coming liberal drivel about more meaningless gun control. The Law, properly enforced and followed, protects us all.

That's what we could use.

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