Tuesday, January 14, 2014


and now a word from my dad:

Watching the sudden concern for four-footed animals by New Mexico state attorney general Gary King over a proposed horse slaughterhouse, I have to wonder where has he been while cows have been slaughtered for years at the ranch of his dad, former Governor Bruce King? Why didn't he come forth while Bruce was alive and explain to him that what he was doing was wrong? I'm sure Gary King, who is acting like a most concerned vegetarian seeking both campaign funds and free publicity, should have protested loud and long to Bruce to stop the cow slaughter there in Stanley in favor of something more palatable like carrot slaughter or potato slaughter or turnip slaughter.

By the way, where is the King Ranch's operating permit, where is the King Ranch's environmental permit, and where is the King Ranch's wastewater permit? Seems to me our state attorney general has plenty of cow blood on HIS hands, too. God knows what else is being slaughtered over there and to ease our fears, where is the PETA seal of approval on the King Ranch?

Shouldn't Gary King be held to the same standards as the honest businessman he is harassing in Roswell?

by © Manuel T. Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" - http://fullfrontalstupidity.blogspot.com/