Wednesday, February 5, 2014


In watching the hoopla surrounding the CVS national drugstore chain's decision to stop selling all tobacco product, nobly acting on CVS Caremark Chief Medical Officer Dr. Troyen Brennan's statement when he said in an opinion piece that the health coverage available through the Affordable Care Act "comes with a price," - that of promoting public health, may I ask, shouldn't CVS also stop selling candy, cookies, and snack food, all of which lead to obesity, clogged arteries, and heart trouble? And shouldn't CVS stop selling soda pop as that also leads to obesity and, further, to tooth decay and oral problems? And shouldn't CVS stop selling salt which can only lead to hypertension, sugar which can cause diabetes, and spices, many of which are irradiated and possibly contain minute quantities of insect parts? And shouldn't CVS stop selling rubbing alcohol as its vapors are a known carcinogen? And shouldn't CVS stop selling canned tuna as you'll find dangerous levels of mercury in that fish? And shouldn't CVS stop selling vitamins as government studies show them to be of little value and, therefore, giving the taker a false sense of security? And shouldn't CVS stop selling condoms as these things can break and lead to AIDS, sexually-transmitted diseases, and even pregnancy? And shouldn't CVS stop selling beer, wine, and spirits, as we are all aware of the great toll alcoholism has taken on this country? And shouldn't CVS stop selling prescription drugs, most of which are fraught with side effects that can also endanger one's health?

In fact, when you think about it, wouldn't it be better if CVS just went out of business? Wouldn't that be even better for the health of its customers?

by © Clyde James Aragon
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