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There was a weekend television story here in Albuquerque (March 1, 2014) about New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez's petition against continuing to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses. This issue has brought all kinds of law enforcement problems to this state through people attempting to fraudulently obtain them. Great expense and countless hours have gone into catching and prosecuting people who have tried to get licenses illegally for people from out of state or out of the country.

We even had a trial over fraudulently-attained licenses going on in Las Cruces during the recent state legislative session which resulted in 64 guilty counts. The majority of the public is against this program, yet the Democrat-controlled Legislature, which created this mess in the first place, refuses to do anything about it.

The TV person said Martinez's petition "uses the words 'illegal immigrant'  widely known as offensive". Offensive by whom, I have to wonder. This is just another contrived controversy by our Democrat-worshiping media. Martinez rightly uses the words. These people are immigrants and they are here illegally, skirting this country's immigration law, whether the TV people like it or not.

Here is the petition in full:

Keep New Mexico Safe!
I have spent my career fighting to keep New Mexico safe; first as a prosecutor and now as your Governor. Once again, liberal Democrats in New Mexico have failed to repeal the dangerous law that allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. Despite their inaction, we will not give up. This is a public safety issue that demands action.

Stand with me – and help us continue to fight to repeal this dangerous law.

Let Susana know that you stand with her and are part of the team, sign the petition today!


So, of course, leaders of local activist groups were found to make nasty remarks against the effort. Pretty much politically-motivated hate speech against the Republican governor. They went ballistic against her using the words 'illegal immigrants'. It's offensive, it's demeaning, it's this, and it's that. Not a word spoken against laws being broken. Don't tread on criminality, whatever you do.

Anyway, it got me to thinking. Apparently crime has reached a new era of nobility in this age of gray liberal morality. Since we really can't refer to crime as crime anymore we probably ought to start using euphemisms to describe ALL our criminals and they're activity. We don't want to offend anyone in the criminal community, after all.

So here's a short list of terms I've come up with that can be substituted for offenses or offenders:

Bank Robber: unrecognized future customer making an unexpected withdrawal
Burglar: unkeyed entrant
Pickpocket: concerned clothes inspector
Car Jacker: title-deficient motorist
Embezzler: financial transfer agent
Prostitute: pleasure industry technician
Smuggler: product movement coordinator
Arsonist: negligent combustion scientist
Murder: unintended life force reduction
Counterfeiting: unauthorized duplication
Medical Malpractice: understandard medical delivery
Bribery: monetary attention gathering
Fraud: pretend reality

And may I point out that 'thief' is such an ugly word. We should call such  a malefactor 'a person with unfulfilled material wants'.

Of course, we need to put our foot down somewhere lest our lexicon grow to unmanageable size. Therefore, those who obey the law, work hard, pay their taxes, look after their kids, well, those people shall henceforth be referred to simply as 'damned fools'.

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