Sunday, April 20, 2014


and now a word from my uncle Gilbert Aragon from here in beautiful overtaxed Albuquerque:

I'm flattered that the Albuquerque Journal thinks I'm made out of money. Your wholehearted acceptance of Mayor Berry's scheme to raise our garbage rates $2 a month for a jovial pinata of new spending projects just warms my heart. The increase is -what- four months of Journal home delivery?

Berry recently crowed that his latest city budget featured no increases in taxes. May I point out that this garbage increase IS a tax increase. Fee increase, rate increases,permit increases, etc. increases, all of those are tax increases hiding behind a linguistic facade.

Nevertheless, if you look at Berry's proposal, it doesn't make sense. For one, he wants to build a new transfer station here in the Valley that will save the city MILLIONS. Well, if it's going to save us millions, why then do we need a rate increase? In fact, shouldn't we even expect a lowering of our garbage rates? Where is it written that saved money automatically flows into city coffers?

He also wants to hire people to clean up the medians. If he wasn't larding our bond proposals with median spending projects to plant trees and vegetation and use water we common homeowners are chastised for using, he wouldn't need to hire people to clean the medians. It's almost a forced make work project he's turned the medians into.

Finally, he's got a weird plan that calls for us using smaller garbage cans in return for no future garbage increases. This is, of course, totally dishonest. No future city administration is going to be handcuffed by this scheme. Besides, where are the smaller garbage cans going to come from? A bond proposal to purchase them in which we homeowners get another permanent increase on our property tax?

What happens to the old garbage cans? Will we need a tax increase to recycle or dispose of them?

Really, if Mayor Berry needs money, may I suggest he start by getting rid of Alan B. Armijo, the Democrat sponge he 'appointed' to a $72,000-a-year position as Director of the city’s Office of Constituent Services back in December of last year shortly AFTER Berry was safely ensconced in his supposed last term as mayor. Like there aren't enough people already on the city payroll capable of answering angry citizen complaints. Besides, what a way to repay us Republicans for our support of his political aspirations.

I really feel I have enough city services as it is. Mr. Mayor, put away the city checkbook and take care of what we already have. We have had enough taxes placed on our backs as it is.

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