Sunday, November 9, 2014


and now a word from my friend, Marie Yordy:

The recent general election was marked by the usual political winners and losers. But, as usual, the big loser, the biggest loser of all, was the homeowner. And, as usual, every bond and spending bill passed with the safety of a well-inked rubber stamp. And this after the insult of a higher property tax bill arriving at our mailbox just days before.

Yet I would wager that three quarters of the people voting didn't have to pay one nickel of property taxes. No skin off their noses as we homeowners get another tax bill dumped in our laps to pay or figure out how to pay if we haven't enough month left at the end of our cash.

Having people cavalierly throw more taxes at us they don't have to pay is the most evil and unfair thing ever devised. (Hey, next time you're at a restaurant, toss your meal bill at the people at the table next to you and see what happens there.)

We've moved back to the days of taxation without representation. Ultra-liberal politicians seem to be the only ones getting elected in many city districts. Not that their concern for our predicament even exists. The tax-and-spend bug crosses over into the Republicans, as well. While you know Democrats want to spend everything they can get their hands on, the phony lower-taxes-smaller-government rhetoric of Republicans belies their actions in office. Mayor Richard Berry, for example, hasn't stopped spending money since he got into office although he quietly picks our other pockets by going after federal tax money.

Overtaxation on moral grounds falls on deaf ears here because our politicians have no morals. And if you don't believe that, look at our recent election where, after a pro-pot group couldn't gather enough signatures to put their decriminalization question on the ballot, our county commissioners rushed to the rescue by placing an advisory question for us to consider. Compare this to when enough petition signatures were presented to put an anti-abortion measure on the ballot and yet these same people fought that tooth and nail.

Even the Albuquerque Journal is of no help. After running a story earlier this year on high property taxes, come election time, there you were telling everybody to pass everything in sight. Thanks Journal. Your customers are made out of money.

Even the three percent CAP that was placed by our state legislature to try and stop huge increases in property taxes has morphed into belief by our local government officials as a number that can increase yearly, bond passages or not. This has become a tax-it-or-lose-it proposition for these backstabbers of ours.

We property owners need to band together to try and stop what's going on. We need to present some obstacle to this sorry situation. There has to be some argument that we can present via a class action lawsuit that even our state's Democrat Party Supreme Court can't ignore. We've got to get these people out of the government protection racket and back to the public protection business.

I guarantee you, if something is not done soon, we are going to be taxed into the hills like they've done in Santa Fe, stuck living in trailers, and working in the preposterously-priced city of Albuquerque, a place we used to be able to live in.

by © Marie T. Yordy

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