Thursday, November 6, 2014


 and now a word from my Dad:

Normally whiny Democrats are at their whiniest when things don't go their way and Up Front columnist Winthrop Quigley, the apparent conscience of the Albuquerque Journal, proved it in his nasty, sour grapes article on the election. Starting out, he found the usual cadre of anti-Governor Susana Martinez complainers to fill the void that is this paper. They bellyached about the economy, jobs, and education.

What was not noted in this sermon was that here were about 290 THOUSAND New Mexicans who vote FOR Ms. Martinez yet Quigley couldn't find a single one, not one, to say something nice about Ms. Martinez. They simply vanished off the face of the earth.

Quigley then delved further into this gripefest by comparing the elated crowds gathered at the Martinez election headquarters with those huddled masses still waiting in line to vote as the day became 'chilly and dark'. I don't believe that line of baloney. Voting took place in LIGHTED and HEATED buildings. No one was left in the dark suffering from frostbite. As for long lines, there was ample opportunity to vote early or absentee and we heard of them on numerous radio and TV ads. I have no sympathy for stupid people.

Quigley then went on to grouse about the poor state of the economy and high unemployment in New Mexico (which, I might point out, has been going on ever since I was born). He conveniently omitted the fact that Republican Martinez had her hands tied by the Democrat Party which controlled both houses of the state legislature. And those Democrats worked their butts off to ensure we were kept in the same Welfare-coated abyss we were in when Democrat and former governor Bill Richardson trod the beer halls of Santa Fe.

I believe states are heavily dependent on the economic, monetary, and taxation policy set by the federal government and the ongoing Democrat/Obama fiasco in Washington continues to deprive us of opportunity and jobs. Martinez might be able to do a bit about this situation but not much and the needed help from our state legislature never arrived. Perhaps now that the Republicans control the state House there might be movement but, unless the Democrats in the Senate can read the writing on the wall, any efforts at meaningful reform will probably be stymied.

In writing this, I'd also like to air my disgust with the Journal's Democrat-biased endorsements including the disgraceful ode to Tom Udall praising his so-called 'experience and pragmatism'. Experience and pragmatism which gave us a behind-our-back midnight vote on the much-despised ObamaCare bill, 7 trillion dollars more added to the national debt under Udall, nothing being done on the flow of undocumented people into this country or to close our porous borders, no reaction while the EPA shut down power plants and coal mines which will eventually lead to brown-outs in this country, nothing being said or done about Ebola getting into America, and, like his colleague Sen. Martin Heinrich, displaying invisibility during his six-year tenure in office, virtually hiding from us and making us communicate with him via his Washington answering machine.

I've gotten this paper since the 50s and its reporting seems to be reaching a new low in both clarity and impartiality. Some day you should, like you raise your newsstand price, quietly change your name to the Albuquerque Democrat to more reflect the reality of its contents.

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