Monday, March 30, 2015


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Thursday, March 12, 2015


and now a word from my Uncle, Gilbert Aragon, submitted to the local newspaper:

By tabling the Right-to-Work legislation in the New Mexico Legislature, Senate Democrats have once again shown us what they think of the opinions of hard-working New Mexicans. Poll after poll shows large public support for right-to-work, for ending driver's licenses for illegal aliens (and, yes, I'm using the word 'alien' not that touch-feely immigrant baloney), for an end to the baby-killing of late term abortions, and, if ever taken, we would be against Daylight Savings Time, too. But they'll have none of that.

There is only so much of this garbage I can take and I've reached my limit with these envious, jealous, phone-off-the-hook know-nothings who want to keep this state in poverty forever. In fact. this state has been in the toilet so long under Democrat rule, we have a soap ring for a border.

I'm fed up with not being listened to, I'm fed up with not having representation, I'm fed up with not hearing from my representative except when he's running, and I'm especially fed up with worthless career legislators whose main aim is passing bill after bill that tells me how they want me to live, not how I want to live.

We have elections. And all I can say is this is one citizen of New Mexico who sure as Hell won't be voting Democrat.

by © Gilbert Aragon  - All Rights Reserved
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" -