Thursday, August 6, 2015


Now, a rebuttal letter to the Albuquerque Journal from my uncle, Gilbert Aragon. It is in regards to a recent anti-Donald Trump op-ed they ran:

In answer to your op-ed piece "The Donald Is Wearing Thin" may I say it is the Journal which is wearing thin. Every time we have an election, instead of providing good, accurate news coverage, there you are sticking your noses in our business as to how and who we pick as our candidates and how we decide questions on the ballot. This especially goes for who is chosen to represent Republicans on the ballot. You people at the Journal should spend your time working to elect the Democrats you really want to see in office rather than trying to pick candidates for other parties.

As for Donald Trump it's none of your business who we the people vote for, listen to, support, or despise. For one, he's told the truth when he's called trespassers into the United States exactly what they are - ILLEGAL ALIENS. My God, why should Americans be apologizing to people who are breaking OUR laws?

Besides, I've seen the politicians Journal people want in power, certainly, the last election got your endorsement favorite, Tom Udall, back into the Senate where, along with Barack Hussein Obama, he is now working hard to raise electric rates. I'm sure you can afford a bigger bill to run your presses and I hope you enjoy a little less in your pockets. The rest of us New Mexicans sure will.

No, the vitriol you used on Trump in your op-ed is the same stuff you use against any Republican who threatens the amoral, atheistic, liberal way of life you and the rest of the Democrat media in this country are trying to shove down our throats.

And if there's anything that's wearing thin, THAT tops the list.

by © Gilbert Aragon
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