Thursday, February 11, 2016


I have never been as disgusted with government and the people that populate it as I am now having learned that after having protested the building of the unneeded roundabout on Rio Grande and Candelaria, our City Government has been quietly working behind our backs and are STILL going to ram that damned thing down our throats even though a safety study said all they needed to do was add a few more seconds to the yellow lights.

No, this rotten, money-hungry government of ours led by that two-faced Republican phony Mayor R.J. Berry is intent on spending any monies it can get its hands on.

And to this, you can add that ridiculous Central Avenue Bus Plan that Washington Dollars Troll wants to throw at us because he's found a federal pocket to pick. We fought that when Martin Chavez tried to shove it down our throats with trolley cars. I guess disguising that monstrous white elephant with buses makes it all better. That's the middle finger we get for our troubles.

What good does it do to go to 'public meetings' to voice your opinion and try to stop utterly wasteful projects from going forth. No one listens to you. Not the mayor, not our city councilors,  and certainly not those people in that money-sucking Planning Department of ours, the one that should be renamed the Spending Department.

My God, we've gone from Taxation Without Representation which started this country to Government Without Representation where we find ourselves today.

It's an unbearable feeling that comes over you when you finally figure out you have NO voice.

by © Clyde James Aragon
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