Tuesday, February 16, 2016


and now a word from my dad, Manuel T. Aragon:

In regards to replacing the recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, I strongly disagree with Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich, the two Journal-endorsed sacks of rocks we have taking up space in Washington. Their judgment is as bad as that wacked anti-American Muslim Kenyan we have in the White House today.

I think the next president should pick the new Supreme Court Justice as I think this upcoming election is going to be a referendum on whether we shall continue as a free, constitutionally-bound Capitalist nation with its delineated bill of rights or as a bureaucratically-led Socialist state subject to the whims of government and ever-changing liberal opinion.

I spent four years on a destroyer in the Pacific in World War II fighting against the very type of government we now willingly want to impose on ourselves. I saw men die defending the ideals of freedom. And for what?

Year after year I have seen the deterioration of patriotism to the point where it seems like Americans hate this country as much as themselves. Year after year I have seen less and less independence and more and more dependence. Our children have been brainwashed mercilessly by our entertainment industry, social media, and public schools and universities to accept the immoral and the impossible. Gone are the days of carefree living and enter the age of watching what you say lest it 'offend' somebody.

But I tell you this, if this is the choice of America, I shall not stand in the way and will not, in fact, vote again. I am reminded of the great Nez Perce Indian warrior Chief Joseph who, after deciding his cause was lost, threw down his weapons, signed a peace treaty, and vowed, "I will fight no more forever."

That's the way I feel, "I will fight no more forever." If Americans are going to persist in going down the ugly path of Socialism and eventually Communism and yes, that is the path they will take, there will be no more reason to fight on for this country. A people that decline the unalienable freedom and dignity of Democracy for the stifling nanny state of Socialism deserve their fate.

by © Manuel T. Aragon
from "Full Frontal Stupidity" - http://fullfrontalstupidity.blogspot.com/