Saturday, November 12, 2016


a reply letter to the editor of the Albuquerque Journal regarding an Upfront column written by Joline Gutierrez Krueger titled "Licking My Election Wounds" and which was published on November 12, 2016:

What a pathetic space-wasting diatribe did UPFRONT columnist Joline Gutierrez Krueger pen on Saturday. This is exactly why we voted for Donald Trump. We're fed up with whiny sour grapes lectures from bed-wetting liberal golems who continue to peddle and believe the dishonesty they invented during the presidential campaign. We want a return to the days when real men and women wrote real articles about a strong and determined America not this hissy fit throw-in-the-towel nonsense.

Like a good little intolerant liberal, she beseeches us to be respectful of others' opinion and then turns around to rail against those who don't accept her gay marriage (to Hell with religious beliefs), Muslim mass deportation (which Trump never advocated), and reproductive rights (really abortion-on-demand) twaddle. Talk about smug decadence.

And I must say, the hypocrite ink flowed freely when her tone changed to protecting our daughters from the supposed-monster that the Frankenstein leftist press has created out of Trump. Where was this protective concern when Bill Clinton was accused of, and probably guilty of, rape back in the late 90s? Why was protection for our children from Bill Clinton's adultery not called for by the media and then excused with the coast-to-coast front page headline: IT'S HIS OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS? Why?

And then to gripe about this non-existent glass ceiling. Ms. Krueger, we will elect a woman to the presidency when we get good and damned ready to. And she will be one ALL Americans can admire, not this lying money-grubbing, carpet-bagging trollop who looked straight into the faces of grieving mothers and fathers who lost sons in the Benghazi raid and blamed it on a video when she knew full well it was Muslim terrorists. This to which she had responded earlier to embassy entreaties for better protection and declined rescue when the shooting began with the sound of silence.

Finally, where was Ms. Krueger when Hillary sold access to the State Department via Clinton Foundation 'donations' and hundred thousand dollar Bill Clinton speeches? Where was the outrage to open bribery or does glass stand up well to political corruption in the world of media insanity?

I'm sorry, Ms. Krueger, but you have to be a complete fool to weep over the bones of a scoundrel.

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