Sunday, February 26, 2017


I think the Albuquerque Journal Sunday article by Lauren Villagran titled "Can we still recruit Mexican students?" is an insult not only to New Mexico but to this country, as well. Since when do we have to bring in students from Mexico to study here? We have an entire state full of students who need that opportunity. And if New Mexico's residents are not to our universities' liberal liking we have an entire country full of AMERICANS who need to partake of that right. We're more than happy to give Mexican students a tuition discount while giving a big fat middle finger to out-of-state students as though they only qualify for third-rate status. We treat our own people like scum while glorifying foreigners as superior.

Mexico, a country which established the first university in North America in 1551, should be taking care of its own people and its own students. I'm tired, as an American, of having this nasty Villagran garbage thrown in my face that somehow I'm responsible for everyone else in the world's problems and needs to the utter detriment of our own country and our own people.

I love AMERICA. I DON'T love Mexico. I DON'T love Syria. I DON'T love Australia. I DON'T love China. I DON'T love Timbuktu. And frankly, I've had a belly full of people who look everywhere else to find something to admire and emulate.

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