Sunday, February 19, 2017


a letter I sent to my local newspaper in the Trumpian Style:

This Sunday's Albuquerque Journal (19 February, 2017) was an amazing exercise in Liberal Crybabyism.

* Any Obamacare repeal will set back aid for addicts.

* The Dakota Access Pipeline will destroy the planet.

* At least four separate articles and an editorial illustrating how President Donald Trump's insistence on enforcing the immigration laws will tear apart the fabric of civilization and lead to World War II Japanese internment camps.

* A notice of a teachers union rally on Monday which will demand that our Legislature stop cutting money from our fabulously-successful public school system.

However, I just couldn't bring myself to look inside the pages of the "Life in New Mexico" section lest it send me into Liberal Political Diabetic Shock.

One thing you can easily ascertain, unless today's modern Democrat is running things, running everything, running everything into the ground, the world is coming to an end.

But watching the Journal in firm control at the cab of the New Mexico Hate-Trump Train reassured me that all was right in the world. We should be grateful that this tabloid was not polluted by any stories that might show appreciation toward this great country we live in. Otherwise we might be tempted to open a Bible and thank God.

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