Friday, March 3, 2017


well, somebody needs to reply to hateful newspaper editorials and, today, I am the one:

I found the Albuquerque Journal's editorial accusing President Donald Trump of being a threat to democracy an exercise in unmitigated hypocrisy. All the president has done is quite rightly throw the phony Democrat Party media off the pedestal they put themselves on. And it must have been a very high fall to hear the moaning coming from the Journal and the rest of the so-called news media.

Apparently you don't even read your own publication or you might have noticed the seriously biased one-sided coverage you give us on every issue that comes along. Your love for the overtaxation of your readers and your spiteful and poorly-thought out political endorsements is almost a foregone conclusion. All together, your paper does not help a reasonable public reach good decisions.

We have just gone through eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and we saw nothing but deceit and open adoration for this America-bashing fool from our so-called media. Foreign newspapers gave us better coverage of what was really going on in our own government than this herd of sycophants who only showed up to receive a paycheck and a pat on the back for reporting nothing. Your eyes and ears at the Journal must have been closed to the events of that era, not to mention your noses stuffed up to block the stench of anti-Americanism that flourished at the time although, who knows, maybe you heartily agreed with Obama's disdain for this country and the contempt he had for our rather quaint old-fashioned conservative American values.

Given what I've seen over the past eight years, I believe President Trump far more than I would believe anybody in the media or at the Journal. I think he has America's interests at heart. The Journal? Meh. I have no faith in your judgement or your beliefs.

We have received the Journal since the 50s. I remember when I enjoyed reading it but, more and more, I find myself disgusted with the liberal slant. I cringe whenever I see your hateful anti-Republican, anti-conservative, anti-normality cartoons which seem to have been dredged up from an even bigger pool of hate. You must have some kind of ugly mentality to print that kind of garbage.

This newspaper has evolved into little more than a Democrat Party toot horn. Democracy will not survive if this is going to be our source of news. Before you accuse others of being a threat to democracy, take a good hard look at yourself.

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