Thursday, May 4, 2017


The Santa Fe, New Mexico citizenry's rejection of a soda tax (proposed 2-cents-per-ounce sugar tax on beverages and powdered mixes) which was voted on this past May 2, was somewhat surprising proving that though you can lead a liberal to a snack bar, you can't necessarily make him shoot himself in the foot.

Aside from the sham of the Santa Fe city council pretending to care about public health, the main selling point was that the money was supposedly destined for funding Pre-Kindergarten programs in the public schools. But, really, money for Pre-K? What's next, money for Pre-Womb? Pre-Egg? Pre-Gleam in the eye?

I grew up in an era devoid of kindergarten and may I say, reading, writing, and arithmetic test scores were far higher than they are today. We had rote, pencils, and homework with good libraries that weren't emptied before every bond election. Even with that working against us, many of my peers went on to become engineers, judges, teachers, business owners, and, yes, career politicians. Further, we didn't have to contend with Bilingual Education, New Math, Phonetic English, Computers on every desk, and Teacher Union Excuses for shameful results.

My gosh, we are paying far more per student than many of our surrounding states and getting squat to show for it. Pre-K will solve this? Of course, government functions under the Law of Inverse Perversity: the more you spend on a problem, the worse it gets, a fact voters often forget when a legal measure is wrapped in children.

Nevertheless, a lot of money had to be spent wastefully to defeat this tax. Billionaire, liberal meddler, and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg contributed $1.1 million to the pro-tax effort while $1.3 million was extorted from the American Beverage Association to fight the industry-killing measure. In fact, there's always lots of money spent to defeat every government effort to impose more taxes upon us. It's ridiculous. Without someone's deep pockets, TV, radio, and print advertising would be out of reach for small groups and individuals. You shouldn't need a king's ransom to defeat a bad idea.

It is disgustingly unfair that government forces such spending and I think that whenever government loses such efforts, government should refund the expenditures used to defeat their greedy ideas.

Let the people pay for their folly for electing such 'leaders' by having their taxes raised until the debt is repaid. Maybe then, politicians will think twice about putting out more tax increases and voters might take their head out of their behind and pay attention to who they are electing.

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